Saturday, December 10, 2016

Random Walk-ins


For those of you who kempunan for kampua noodles, head over to Mian, Aman Suria. This newcomer serves kampua in a variety of styles-- the traditional dry noodles, prawn noodles and mamak fried noodles. I wouldn't say that the noodles are top notch, but good enough.

Dry Kampua Noodles

Mamak Fried Kampua Noodles

Just across the road is KONCENT, a Japanese lifestyle store with a cafe. It's not a Muji, it's definitely more of a Tokyu Hands type of place. More arty, more expensive. A great place to have a cup of coffee and read a book. The staff was really friendly and asked us to attend their workshops and "meet the artist" sessions.


Stool with a Tail

SK jio-ed us for dinner at Restoran Choy Hi. Ordered a lovely pot of braised pork, tripe and intestines, with dried oysters. A cheap and delicious dish. Goes great with steamed rice. Also got some special grilled lamb ribs, so sticky and tender.

Braised Pork with Dried Oysters

Special Lamb Ribs

Dessert was at Mykori located a few doors away. Their specialty is melons, but they weren't serving any that day. Not ripe enough. So we just settled for a green tea latte which was surprisingly agreed with my taste buds. If you ever go there, try not to sit near the kitchen area, because the aroma of heated butter from their toasters smell kinda rancid. Wonder if that means that their thick toast should be avoided?


Green Tea Latte


Derek said...

Tak pernah pergi this area le ...

William said...

Behind my church.