Friday, December 16, 2016

Osaka's Bounty

Osaka Fruits

While we were sweating it out in KL, SK was freezing her ass off in Osaka and Shirakawa-go. As it is her custom, she arrived back in Malaysia bearing a lot of local products from Japan. Most impressive was the collection of fruits-- Kyoho grapes (King!), Muscat grapes (Queen!), red apple, yellow apple and peach. Just the grapes were around MYR100 a bunch. She also bought a lot of snacks but my favourite was the sake Kait-Kat. Love the aroma. That woman can even come back with a bowl of unagi rice and katsu sandwich in her hand carry luggage. She really knows how to bring the experience of Japan with her. ありがとうございました!



Twilight Man said...

I need friends like her! Hey I never heard of Sake Kit Kat. I must try it soon.

William said...

Can be found in KL.

Twilight Man said...

I will look for it!!