Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Day Off Paktor

League of Captains

Another Friday, another day off for paktor with KH. Started the morning at League of Captains, The Row. Many years, that stretch along Jalan Doraisamy was known as the Asian Heritage Row, but it has been reborn. Things look different there with extensive renovations. Pestle and Mortar is behind the cafe with such an eye-catching name. The interior doubles as a mini showcase for its products. Took advantage of the B1F1 coffee offer, and ate a packet of super spicy nasi lemak and a sandwich from Tommy Le Baker. They don't do proper mains, all pre-packed. Out of a whim, we messaged Sharky that we were at the cafe and in under fifteen minutes, he turned up! Coincidentally, he was at work for some computer game tournament. His next shift didn't begin in a hour so he joined us for breakfast.

Busy Hands

Next on our schedule was a full body massage at Healthland, Renaissance Hotel. Quite a challenge to book a slot for this place, but it's worth it. For some unknown reason, we were given male masseurs. So uncommon, Myanmarese I think. KH's masseur was quite cute, and had nice eyes. Easily escort material, except that he's a bit short. The massage was pretty good, and was a different style from what I was used to. No happy ending. Made a mental note to request for male masseurs if we ever revisited.

Silver Tree

From there, we took the monorail to Pavilion for lunch. Instead of the usual choice of Quivo, we ate at The Barn instead. Ate at their 1MK branch the year before. Took two of their express lunch sets-- pork ribs and pork burger. Value for money. But service was kinda icky. Too few lethargic staff manning a huge floor space.

Lunch Time

Pork Burger

No paktor session would be complete without watching a movie. The choice for the afternoon? "Trolls". So unlike me to watch something like this, but I was sold when I watched the trailer featuring vibrantly-coloured felt trolls, glitter, and catchy music. Can't get Justin Timberlake's "Can't Stop the Feeling" out of my head.

We didn't spend much time roaming Pavilion. The Christmas decorations weren't up yet, with the exception of the giant tree outside. KH bought me a cup of green tea ice cream from Matcha Hero Kyoto at Tokyo Street and I totally fell in love the hojicha ice cream.


By dinner time, we traveled to Nu Sentral to meet up with JJ, Bunny, and SimonLover. No, we didn't eat at Sushi Tei. It was Pasta Zanmai. I wouldn't describe the menus as dog-eared. The corners had practically disappeared. Basically, they looked like toddler's books that had been chewed up and abused for years. Ordered what we could make out. Kopi-ed at Pappa Rich after that. We were so fickle about the tables. Too little space. Too cold. Kita memang banyak hal. It was great catching up with the guys, but it was sad to hear about JJ's dad's medical problems.

Teriyaki Chicken Rice


Twilight Man said...

I must check out the Healthland nearby my home.

William said...

That's Healthland Signature. My colleague gave it good ratings.

Derek said...

I always enjoy pak tor with baby ;-)

William said...

Provided I don't mang zang :P

Jaded Jeremy said...

I love hojicha ice-cream too. But it's rare, isn't it?

William said...

Yeah, not very common.