Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Drag Queens & Gay Games


Sunday afternoon was spent at Paradigm Mall again. But this time there was something extra-- International Chinese Han Couture Pageant. The perfect pageant for people who want to live out their fantasy of being a member of the ancient royal court. From what I saw, there were several concubines, an empress and an empress dowager. The emperor's look was quite a failure cause he didn't don a wig. The emcee was doing some role playing and he used 奴婢 instead of 奴才. Wonder if its a slip of the tongue or perhaps he is a sister. Look at the last group photo-- the guy on the far right looks kinda twinky.


Group Photo

In the evening, KH and I attended the Straits Games 2016 closing dinner at One Seafood Restaurant. The dinner is an awards ceremony and farewell dinner all rolled into one. I did not see a single familiar face in the dinner. A totally different segment of the gay community. KH and I sat with a bunch of gay badminton enthusiasts. Heard that there even was a gay badminton enthusiasts for bears group. Extremely niche. The emcee for the night was Shelah, Edwin Sumun's fabulous alter ego. Big girl, big hair, big accessories and big personality! The dinner started with a parade of shirtless hunks (how else to start a dinner right?) and later prizes were given out for the sporting events. There were also prizes for best team uniform, newcomers and sporting spirit. And of course there was a prize for Mr. Body Beautiful. The winner was from Vietnam and he was very popular.

TSG2016 Boys with Shelah from William Ng on Vimeo.

Two famous drag queens from Thailand also entertained the crowd and local singer Elvira Arul wow-ed us with her vocals. Food was average but that was fine because I won a bottle of wine from the lucky draw. Hunky model John Tan was also at the dinner. According to KH, he competed in bowling. TSG's charter allows participation by anyone regardless of sexuality, so it doesn't mean that he's a sister. A representative from the Federation of Gay Games (his name was Leviathan!) gave a presentation but there was a hiccup with the AV system, so that kinda scuttled his boat. Anyway, the next TSG would be in the island paradise of Bali, so that should attract a lot of gay lous!



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John Tan played bowling le ...

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