Sunday, October 16, 2016

Sweaty Salmon and Lotsa Lees

Salmon Nigiri Sushi

Woke up on Saturday morning with a huge fog in my head. My first muddled thought was that I was late for work. The night before, I had been dreaming about being harassed by marauding Pokemon. I was running up and down. Damn tiring. I have no idea why I was subjected to such a dream because I didn't even install the game! Went to the market in that blur sotong mode as mum didn't want to miss a third week of marketing.


In the afternoon, had a lunch appointment with Gratitude at Jyu Raku, SS15. Our original plan was to eat at Mitasu, but they were fully-booked. Hoped for last minute cancellations but there were none. Drove there with SK in my Iswara Skyline which felt like a moving sauna. The air-conditioning had been on the blink for months but it was never a concern because I only drive it early in the morning and late in the evening for my work commute. When we arrived at the restaurant, I was ready for a wet T-shirt contest!

Sashimi Salad

The food at Jyu Raku was quite good. SK and I shared a selection of sashimi salad (they mixed in fried salmon skin and ikura for a variety of textures), salmon sushi, and assorted yakitori. Would definitely revisit the restaurant. Most of the time, we chatted about recent developments in family matters. Drama never ends.


Nearby was a cafe that Gratitude had been wanting to introduce us to called 95 Degres Art Cafe, just 3 degrees from the famous boy band group of the 1990s. The cafe is located in the busy commercial area where traffic and parking can drive a man nuts. Located on the second floor, right above Watsons, the owner did a great job decorating the place. In my opinion, it was very cozy, with art adorning nearly every wall and corner. Even the smoking area looked great. The lemon cheese tart was yummy but I wasn't crazy about their signature watermelon cake.


Six Items

In the evening, mum and I had a free dinner at Thean Hou Temple, Robson Heights. The United Lee's Association of Selangor and KL were celebrating their 68th anniversary and we managed to get free tickets to the dinner. Boils down to PR between Chinese associations where they 'give face' to each other by buying tickets for functions and dinners. We arrived a little early so we could do a little camwhoring, taking pictures among the statues of the Chinese zodiac and Yue Lao. The organizing committee actually placed a lion dance troupe at the entrance to welcome guests.

Outer Temple

Yue Lao

Sunset II


Inner Temple

Tardiness was absent during the anniversary celebrations with everything starting on time. The arrival of guests was slotted at 7:00 PM and they actually had non-stop performances right up till 8:00 PM when the VIPs walked in to officiate the occasion. Food was promptly served after that. Following the recent trend, a caterer from Sekinchan was used. Each guest was given an Indocafe goodie bag and there was a free flow of Budweiser! Guess that means the two Malaysian bosses for that brand are Lees.

Gu Zheng

Performances continued with lots of singing and dancing. Typical getai fare. Halfway through, they streamed the Olympics Men's Singles Badminton Finals. Because reception in the hall was horrible, they had to pull a long AV cable from the entrance right up to the projector. Although that kinda disrupted the attention of the guests, I guess they had to do it since it was Lee at the finals (although as we all know he lost to Chen Long). At the end of the night, I was glad that I did not have the Japanese buffet at Mitasu for lunch!

I Hate Myself For Loving You


Twilight Man said...

Did you take the divine stick at the temple to ask about your wedding??

William said...

Takde le

Derek said...

I wasn't invited for the dinner :-(