Saturday, October 22, 2016

SAFRApore II: Brunch and a Double Dates

Cafe Melba

Could sleep in on Saturday since our brunch appointment was at 10:30 AM. Even had a little time to fool around before MoonlightPiggy arrived. Together we took the bus to the Goodman Arts Center where Cafe Melba was located. As we walked in, MoonlightPiggy was nearly decapitate by the parking gantry. Keep an eye out for that. Eunice had also just arrived. I scooped her son up and brought him in. Eunice was surprised that he didn't wail. She said I must have a babysitter's aura. The first thing he noticed was the bouncy castle beside the cafe which he called a swimming pool! Eunice's daughter wasn't so good with strangers. Being the latest addition to the family, it was natural that she was the center of attention. Unfortunately, she shied away from us and would wail pitifully when separated from her mother.

Truffle Fries

KH had the eggs Benedict while I had the potato rosti with corned beef. Standard prices start at SGD16 for vegetarian options while each each meat add-on costs an extra SGD4. Honestly, the rosti was good with cheese, but a bit chewy when cold. My biggest complaint is the poached eggs, all cold and tasteless. Even the yolk was bland.


The kids were getting fidgety and cranky by noon (there's only so much one can do with truffle fries), so we bid Eunice goodbye. The rest of us stayed on to explore the weekend market there. There was a flea market, food market and lifestyle market. MoonlightPiggy got a mini tiffin carrier for herself and an air plant. The kids who were manning the stall were amazing salesmen. I'm sure they'll grow up to be very successful.

Venus Fly Trap

Next we met Justin and his newly-wedded wife, so it was kinda like a double date. We sat down at Social Square by MOF, Waterway Point. Lovely to chat over something sweet. Justin asked something pretty deep: "What's the next step for both of you?". Kinda got us stumped. Something to think about eh?



To keep Sunday morning free, we attended sunset mass at St. Michael's Church. Wasn't a long way from the MRT station. Although it was nestled in a residential area, KH found it with ease. Strange that his built-in GPS works better in Singapore. In terms of architecture, it was a modern church layout with mass celebrated on the second floor, while they had a void deck a cafeteria downstairs. Very HDB right? The distinguishing factors would be the round stained glass windows representing scenes from the stations of the cross and a grotto that featured the statue of a the Welcoming Christ rather than the Blessed Virgin Mary.

St. Michael Archangel

Prayer & Pews

Crucifix and Stained Glass

Immaculate Heart of Jesus

That evening, we had a dinner date with Tater and good friend LL at Platypus, Bugis Junction. We've been hearing about him for long time, only to meet him now. Ordered the course dinner but that was kind of a mistake because everything came at the same time. Not very clever at all. The food didn't leave much of an impression. Halfway through dinner, we were joined by Kidz and Rick, his bestie. Couldn't stay long because KH and Tater needed to get their rest for the big race tomorrow!

Lamb Ragu

Grilled Chicken

Apple Pie


Anonymous said...

That dessert. Yummy ��

Derek said...

My navigation skills are decent, regardless the location hehe

William said...

Yeah, who can resist apple pie with vanilla ice cream?

Define 'decent'.

Twilight Man said...

Everything is very nice in Singapore!

William said...

Singaporeans don't think so :P