Monday, September 05, 2016

Three Cups of Coffee

Pan Mee

Been a while since mum and I venture to Taman Naga Emas to eat the 'crystal' pan mee there. 'Crystal' means that each piece of noodle dough is individually kneaded in clear water, giving it a smooth texture and a flour-free taste. A young family seated at the table adjacent to us also ordered the same thing. I was quite surprised by their huge appetite.

Mummy: Boy, eat this pork floss bun first, the pan mee takes a while.

(Daddy was also munching on a pork floss bun of his own)

Daddy: Oh, here comes the pan mee!

Three bowls of pan mee came and their kid was barely six years old I think. Amazing.

Kopi C

Can't believe that the kopi c there only costs MYR1. After breakfast, mum went to Tai Onn Tong at Happy Garden for her TCM consultation. It was a long wait, so KH actually came over to have a flat white with me at Cappuccino Garden Cafe which was just a few doors away. They also have curry noodles, but I don't think it's worth the money. The French butter croissant was pretty good though.

Curry Mee

In the evening, I ventured to the swimming pool for a dip and my red Private Structure swim trunks kinda attracted the undue attention of a little girl who squealed: "Mummy look! Superman!". If only I had the Kryptonian physique to go with those trunks.


Dinner was with mum at a neighbourhood 'tai chow' joint. The claypot pork belly was pretty good.

Pork Belly

Cheryl then turned up at my place and we went out for coffee and cake at Piccolo Cafe, Taman Equine. My third cup of coffee for the day. Haha. Slept like a baby that night.



ernestlow said...

Lovely food in KL. Please share the location of the tai chow joint. Thanks much!

Twilight Man said...

The cake looks very beautiful and appetizing. I love good presentations.

Hey your sexy trunks! I like.

William said...

Fei Wang, Taman Puncak Jalil

Got Jack Daniels inside.

Derek said...

Hehe you are my Superman ah!