Thursday, September 08, 2016

Naughty Boys at Naughty Nuri's

Sukawati Inspired Crispy Duck

What better way to celebrate Raya Puasa than to have a naughty dinner on its eve? Made our way to Life Center to try Naughty Nuri's, a Balinese grill joint famous for all things porcine and alcoholic (check out all the pig statues around the restaurant). Been a quite some time since both of us actually went out for a nice evening out, to eat, drink and chat. We had a window table with a view of my client's building across the street. Not sure how that affected my appetite. LOL. To begin we ordered two beers. For mains, it was the 1995 Signature Barbeque Spare Ribs and Sukawati Inspired Crispy Duck. The slab of spare ribs was easy to eat with a great sauce. However, the duck was a bit over-fried in my opinion. But I loved the the onion rice that was on the side. As much as I like spare ribs and duck, It was actually a lot of meat for two persons to finish. Took us a while. It gave us the opportunity for more quiet conversation which was good.

1995 Signature Barbeque Spare Ribs

Drunk Piggy

With so much meat and beer sloshing in our bellies, we headed to Pavilion to take a look at their Raya Puasa decorations. I wasn't impressed at all. Looked like a stationary float for the National Day parade. After some aimless window shopping, we went home via the monorail and LRT. Had to sleep early that night since we were going hiking the next day. Shocking right?

Raya Puasa Decor


Twilight Man said...

I agree that their decors looked simple and easy. The ones at 1-U and MV were better. I felt that the malls would often invest more for X'mas!

I love that cute Drinking Piggy!

Derek said...

Yeah lo, miss going out to pak tor with you.

Simon said...

Great shots you have there :) Awhh those food pics are making me hungry.

William said...

MV = kampung
1U = Moroccan?
Also got winged piggy.

Yeah lo, always go drinking by yourself.

All pics are 0 calories!

Jaded Jeremy said...

How did the hiking go? Did grumpy monster appear? :P