Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Kangkung on a Rainy Evening

Stuffed Tofupok

On a rainy Sunday evening, SK recommended dinner at Choy Hi, Puchong Jaya. Judging by the crowd, the food must be good. The places serves some interesting dishes. A popular choice seems to be the claypot water kangkung (unlike the usual land variety, the stems are bigger). Another interesting dish is the Bentong chicken bihun. It's a dish of bihun drenched in broth and rice wine, topped with steamed chicken and plenty of garlic and ginger. We also tried stuffed tofupok. The pork stuffing had a hint of dried squid which makes it quite aromatic. When the bill came, we were pleasantly surprised with the KR1M price tag.

Claypot Kangkung

Tofu with Minced Meat

Here's an interesting dish on the menu that we will try on our next visit:

Uterus on the Menu

Didn't want to go home yet, so we stopped for drinks at Fu Wah, a char chan teng type of place. I ordered a hot yuan yang while SK ordered milk tea.

SK: One ice bath milk tea please. 

Waiter: Hot or cold?

SK: Ice bath got hot one ah?

The beverages weren't impressive but surprisingly their baked char siew bun was! Standard better than Tim Ho Wan and Sheng Kee. The bun had a nice texture and the meat filling was chunky and delicious. Definitely worth a revisit.

Baked Charsiew Bun

Ice Bath Milk Tea


Twilight Man said...

I always pity the foreign workers at cafes. When I ordered hot white coffee, they would just habitually asked want iced or hot. ~ Sweats ~

thompsonboy said...

wheres the picture of the bihun?