Monday, September 26, 2016

August Babysitting I: Sri Petaling

Pork Burger

My sister and BIL had an exhibition in PWTC over the weekend, so mum and I had to babysit and give marketing a miss. The kids had a second breakfast of pork ball noodles with us. Then at 11:00 AM, sent Big Monster to his science class at Sri Petaling. Little Monster complained that his tummy was rumbling. He wasn't thrilled that we kept walking into shops and not restaurants. Haha. Truly did not know what to eat at Bandar Baru Sri Petaling. In the end, we went to 103 Workshop Cafe because I had free latte voucher that was expiring soon.

When we walked in, Little Monster whined, "This place again?! It's boring!". LOL. Guess my sister brings him to this place pretty frequently. He was so familiar with the menu that he told me to order a plate of bacon wraps for him. In addition to that, I got a plate of carbonara and a pork burger. Normally, Little Monster loves creamy pastas, but I didn't realize that what I ordered was spicy. No wonder he shouted for water on the first mouthful. Fed him the pork burger and sweet potato fries (Little Monster used goma dressing as a dip!) instead. In my opinion, the pork patty was pretty good. We still had some time to burn before Big Monster's class ended, so brought mum to some random fashion boutiques around the area. While walking on the five-foot walkway, we saw a whole bunch of kids standing around with the phones for no apparent reason. Upon closer inspection, I discovered that they were busy playing Pokemon Go. Goodness.

By the time Big Monster finished his science class, it was already 2:00 PM. Time to bring him for a late lunch. Another headache deciding what to eat. Tried 10 Years, a cafe selling Malaysian delights at not-so-delightful prices. He finished a plate of nasi lemak all by himself. I ordered an apam balik drizzled with loads of peanut butter and chocolate, with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. A shocking take on a classic snack. I think it will be another ten years before I revisit this place.



Back home, had to entertain the kids with YouTube clips. Come dinner time, we went to a neighbourhood shop for some dishes with SK. By that time, the little one was already missing his mother....


Chili Crab

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Twilight Man said...

OMG! Time flies so fast. I remembered your earlier blogs when those monsters were still babies! Now can run and cakap banyak. LOLOL

Derek said...

Hehe the small one so fussy ... like you. ..

William said...

Yeah, big boys already!