Friday, August 19, 2016

Jangan Jugra

Dine II

KH suggested dinner at 8 Jugra, a new and upcoming place for Italian food. The restaurant is located off Jalan Klang Lama, converted from an old detached house, so it is quite hidden. Arrived at the restaurant well before dinner time and was greeted by snooty service. Since we had no reservation, they had not much interest to have us. SK actually asked to look at the reservation and work something out.

Waiter: Sorry, but we are fully-booked.

SK: That table is for 7:30 PM right? It's only 6:00 PM now, we'll be gone before that.

Fantastic, right? The interior was pretty interesting. A mix of new and old furniture in a setting that reminds me of a house in the country. We ordered three items, but only the roast pork belly and risotto arrived. The pizza was lost in transit although there was only one other table occupied at the time. Our neighbour was pretty chatty. He was a German retiree who was very interested in old school furniture, Bakelite switches and the like so the restaurant was like a treasure trove for him.

Dine I

FYI, 8 Jugra only serves premium bottled water from the United Kingdom, which the Indonesian waitress raved about: "Saya tak pernah minum air begitu sedap!". However good the water was, I was not happy with the overall experience there. I left unsatisfied and unfulfilled. Can say for certain that I won't be going back there.


To complete dinner, we went to the nearby 老酒楼 in Taman Bukit Desa. Shared a bowl of ramen and steamed chicken noodles. Seems that their prices had gone up since my last visit. Unfortunately, mum and SK didn't quite like the offerings there. Before going home, we tried the coffee and cake at Red Kettle, just a few shops away. Coffee wasn't very good at all but the portion of their salads seemed quite obscene! Perhaps next time.

Chicken Noodles



Jaded Jeremy said...

Wah sure ban that Italian restaurant.

Twilight Man said...

I am very surprised there is such a nice outlet like Jugra but bad and snobs service will not even see my shadows. They pissed you and lost a potential customer like me....

William said...

Once is enough

You can always give it a try since its near your house :P

Twilight Man said...

Where got near my house?? I moved to another place a few years ago.

William said...

Mind still stuck in the past :D