Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Juadah June

Another quick update since I wanna breeze through June!

Dried Foodstuff

Dry food. Assorted dried food stuff and herbs at the morning market.

Sharks Fin

Fin food. Say "No" to sharks fin?

Paper Offerings

Spiritual food. The lightest gold ingots in the world.

Curry Noodles

Spicy food. Once in a while we want a riot in our mouth.


Bland food. I like it actually, unlike some people who treat it like food for the sick.

Battered Mantis Prawns

Crispy food. That's actually battered mantis prawns, not banana fritters.


Fun food. Nyonya kuih for a BEC gathering that evening.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Happiness is...

Happiness is...

... making your own popiah and munching it down with family and friends.

Then drinking a how bowl of bubur chacha for dessert.

Bubur Chacha

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Celebrating QueerRanter-D

Weaving Ketupat

It was QueerRanter-D's birthday so a dinner party was arranged at Osteria RealBlue, Solaris Dutamas. As with all shops at Solaris Dutamas, they are a challenge to locate. It was just a small affair with my mum, SK, KH and Apollo, and Apollo's mum. KT was supposed to come, but an emergency at home held her back.


Bruschetta with tomatoes and balsamic vinegar.

Caprese Salad

Wanted the Burata, but ended up with Caprese Salad instead.

Cold Salmon

Smoked salmon with artichoke cream. A cold and refreshing dish.

Vegetarian Ravioli

Ravioli with Porcini mushrooms.

Seafood Ravioli

Seafood ravioli with saffron sauce. This is a very delicious Mat Salleh seafood sui kao!


I'm not a fan of carbonara, but this dry-ish version really changes my mind about cream-based pastas.

Chocolate Cake

The birthday boy had his cake at Coffee Stain.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Market and Swim

Vege on Playground

Gosh. Nothing to say about a mundane Saturday in June. I'll let the pictures do most of the talking. Went to the market as usual. Took this photo from the multi-level car park that overlooks the playground. The vegetable sellers and food stall owners take over some of the space to do business.


I love soup noodles in the morning, especially from the stall that operates from a small lane in the OUG morning market. Whenever I want a little more kick, I order some curry chicken feet.

Ika Meshi

That weird looking thing is Ika Meshi which is squid stuffed with sticky rice. Bought that in Hakodate during my recent trip to Hokkaido.

Red Wine Residual

The reddish dish is red wine residual chicken, a Foochow dish. Mum and I love it.


Been ages since my last visit to the pool. Kinda lost my stamina.


Broke in a new pair of swim trunks that I bought online. The camo prints are interesting, no?

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Who IsMe?

Tea Time

There's this shop at Empire Shopping Gallery that doesn't know what it wants too be. In its window showcase, you see skin care products. The brand of the skin care products do not match the signboard-- IsMe. To add to the confusion, it has a F&B counter on one side, opposite a beauty counter. For several months now I have noticed its lack of customers. I think people who just want to sit down for a cup of coffee and cake are worried that they might get an earful of beauty consultations, so its much safer to go elsewhere. With some trepidation, we walked into the so-called beauty cafe and looked at the menu. Since we were the only customers, service was excellent. SK demanded that I order the signature coffee because it came with a cute bear face. According to the service crew, their Red Velvet cake uses beetroot instead of food colouring so we gave that a try. It was delicious and so was the matcha-passionfruit mille crepe. Other than coffee, they also serve flower teas and iced fruit sodas. So don't be daunted by their appearance, walk in and give the cafe a try!

P.S.: SK did give them face and asked about their beauty products. ;).

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

TaterInTown: Quivo

Cheesy Spinach Dip

Tater was in Kuala Lumpur for a social trip so we made plans to meet over dinner at Quivo, Pavilion. Started things off with some happy hour drinks and some beer snacks. Quivo's Cheesy Spinach Dip was an excellent start. Crispy pita chips go well with a melted Parmesan cheese infused with baby spinach. For dinner, KH and I shared a pizza. Post-dinner coffee was at Coffea Coffee where Tater tried the Peanut Butter Latte. Not something I think I will ever order. Haha. Always great to have Tater over because he's such a nice guy and always has great stories to tell. His most recent adventure was at the North Pole Marathon! Never a dull moment in his life. And he's not seeing anyone at the moment... :D



Sunday, August 21, 2016

Boring Bazaar


Gone are the days when the Bazar Ramadhan was a place for great food. Back when I was growing up in Kuantan, we didn't really need to care which shop we bought from because everyone had some actual culinary skills. Miss the crunchy mini samosas, delicious nasi dagang, and spicy popiah basah. In Klang Valley these days, it is hard to find decent food at such places. The food that is sold is only a 'seeming' of its name. A poor imitation with no real substance. Might look like it, but end up tasting all wrong. And if you're unlucky, you might walk away with a stomach flu. Probably would have to kiss many frogs to find your prince. But after a few kisses, you would probably give up from the utter disappointment. While roaming the Bandar Kinrara 5 Bazar Ramadhan, I chanced upon a really good nasi kerabu among the multitudes of stalls selling rainbow-hued drinks and grilled meat (walking through a meat haze!). The nasi kerabu came with all the right sauces and condiments, and most importantly, the kerabu was REALLY kerabu. Very difficult to find good classic East Coast dishes in the Klang Valley and even finding good kuih is a challenge! Pop an onde-onde into your mouth, and you get no explosion of gula melaka. Worse still, some stalls use grated coconut that had been pressed dry. Despite all this, Bazar Ramadhans are still teaming with customers due to lack of alternatives. So sad...

Nasi Kerabu

Friday, August 19, 2016

Jangan Jugra

Dine II

KH suggested dinner at 8 Jugra, a new and upcoming place for Italian food. The restaurant is located off Jalan Klang Lama, converted from an old detached house, so it is quite hidden. Arrived at the restaurant well before dinner time and was greeted by snooty service. Since we had no reservation, they had not much interest to have us. SK actually asked to look at the reservation and work something out.

Waiter: Sorry, but we are fully-booked.

SK: That table is for 7:30 PM right? It's only 6:00 PM now, we'll be gone before that.

Fantastic, right? The interior was pretty interesting. A mix of new and old furniture in a setting that reminds me of a house in the country. We ordered three items, but only the roast pork belly and risotto arrived. The pizza was lost in transit although there was only one other table occupied at the time. Our neighbour was pretty chatty. He was a German retiree who was very interested in old school furniture, Bakelite switches and the like so the restaurant was like a treasure trove for him.

Dine I

FYI, 8 Jugra only serves premium bottled water from the United Kingdom, which the Indonesian waitress raved about: "Saya tak pernah minum air begitu sedap!". However good the water was, I was not happy with the overall experience there. I left unsatisfied and unfulfilled. Can say for certain that I won't be going back there.


To complete dinner, we went to the nearby 老酒楼 in Taman Bukit Desa. Shared a bowl of ramen and steamed chicken noodles. Seems that their prices had gone up since my last visit. Unfortunately, mum and SK didn't quite like the offerings there. Before going home, we tried the coffee and cake at Red Kettle, just a few shops away. Coffee wasn't very good at all but the portion of their salads seemed quite obscene! Perhaps next time.

Chicken Noodles


Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Into the Fishing Village

Dragon Joss Sticks

Right after KH and I got back from our Hokkaido trip, we attended a family function together at Bagan Sungai Burung, in the heartland of Selangor. It's a fishing village where my maternal cousins live and work. Every year, my uncle would throw a huge birthday party (cum annual dinner for his employees) and he would invite us to come. To him, the more the merrier, so invited SK and KH to tag along. Both of them had never been to that neck of the woods before and they were curious to try the famous seafood there. We exited at Sabak Bernam and headed into the Sungai Besar area. Further in was Bagan Sungai Burung.

Pineapple Joss Sticks

Our first stop was at Tokong Hui Long Kong, the main Taoist temple of the village. The road in front of the temple was lined with rows of huge joss sticks with dragon motifs. Nothing unusual about that, but we were shocked to see pineapple shaped joss sticks too! At my uncle's house, I brought them around jetty to look at the place where they process the daily catch, mend the nets and clean the crab cages. Also showed them the rustic village way of living, where the swamp beside the house is multi-purpose dump site. For some reason, they cooked at the porch, and SK was shocked to find a cleaver on the floor where kids roamed freely. When she expressed shocked over that, my cousin sister assured her that the kids knew that the cleaver was in its allocated location. Really a huge difference from how Big Monster and Little Monster experience childhood.

Mend the Nets

River and Boats

Village Office

As usual, dinner was great with a good selection of fresh seafood. Most of the seafood on the table was either caught by my cousins or sourced from neighbours without any post-processing. The ingredients were directly passed to the Kedai Makanan Laut Tien Yin for the banquet. We had longevity noodles, lemon chicken, chili crab, fish curry, steamed fish, and steamed prawns with egg. Beer was provided and when my uncle walked over for a toast, SK casually asked him for a bottle of VSOP which he happily obliged. His birthday cake was a two-tiered affair with a dragon crawling across a sea of icing. The seafood feast didn't end there. When we left, the car was loaded with a big box of frozen fish, prawns, sea crabs and mantis prawns!

Seafood Birthday Banquet

Friday, August 12, 2016

High on Hokkaido IX: Chitose Conclusion


We had a long drive ahead of us. KH and I split the 300KM drive to Chitose. The expressway was quite boring with no big rest stops. Mostly just toilets and a vending machine. Pushed on and arrived at Mitsui Outlet Park, Kitahorishima at about 2:00PM. Our Mitsui Premium Outlet in Sepang has a similar design, but the selection of brands is much better in Hokkaido. Although shopping was high on the list, eating lunch was more important. The food court offered a good selection of lunch options. Miso ramen is popular in the Sapporo region, so KH tried that. I for one found it to be overpowered by garlic oil. I chose Hokkaido pork don with leek. What I ate was pretty close to what Senya serves in KL. Kudos to Senya.


Food Court

Pork Don

Miso Ramen

Found the best bargains at Rockport and Banana Republic. Surprisingly, they also have a supermarket there selling fruits and vegetables. When we left MOP, our hands were full of shopping bags. Been trying to find SK's Albion products for two weeks but to no avail, so we drove to AEON Chitose to have a look. Just like MOP, our AEON also looks like it's Japanese counterpart. But in Malaysia, the packing station after the check out counters are missing. Perhaps when we are more serious about recycling. Couldn't find Albion. Such an elusive brand. Ended up having dinner at the food court there. Both of stood at the udon counter not knowing what to order. Lucky for us, the uncle quickly pulled out an English menu. Saved! Dry udon with grated yam and shoyu for me, and soupy udon with clams for KH. We topped up with some tempura. What caught my eye was the way the udon was cooked. The boiled noodles in the tank were actually fished out with a net. When it was time to leave, we took a while to find the correct exit. So confusing.


Drove back to New Chitose Airport to settle the biggest loose end, which was the rented car. According to KH's plan, we were to stay a night at Chitose Airport Hotel since our flight out was quite early. We weren't sure where it was, but made a wild guess that it would be at the international terminal. We parked the car and went hunting. Truth be told, it was like a wild goose chase. No signs at all. Asked the information counter and were told that the hotel is located at the domestic terminal. Go figure. Ran back to the car and re-parked closer to the domestic terminal. Such a pain unloading our stuff from the car. We bought so much stuff! Lugged everything to the hotel which was only accessible via one particular lift lobby. Pengsan.


Didn't have any time to rest. Immediately ran back to the car and drove to New Chitose Airport POPLAR with the iconic picture of William S. Clark on the roof and the famous quote, "Boys, be ambitious!". Returned the car with a full tank of fuel and hopped on the free bus back to the airport. Finally could slow down a bit and explore the terminal. By that time, most of the shops were closed actually. So sad. From my observation, one can actually buy most of the famous food products from the airport at standard tax-free prices. Would save you the hassle of lugging your stuff from place to place. If you're a Doraemon junkie, do visit the Doraemon WakuWaku Sky Park. And if you have chocolate in your veins. visit the Royce' Chocolate World there.

Coca-Cola Polar Bear

Dorami Taiyaki

Once we had finished our terminal crawl, it was time to rest and shower. Afterwards, we had to worry about packing which is always a headache. Once we had gotten that out of the way, we toasted our trip with a bottle of Suntory peach liquor, grilled chicken wings, fried chicken and chocolate cake. Sleep came easily.


Early next morning, I flung open the curtains to a view of quiet a tarmac with a few parked airplanes. Freshened up and went for the free buffet breakfast. A combination of Japanese and Western food was served. After breakfast, we checked out and pushed our luggage to the international terminal. Plenty to see along the way as there was the Steiff Discovery Walk with a whole bunch of life-sized soft toys, kinda like taxidermy. Check-in didn't take long and lucky for us, we only exceeded our baggage allowance by 500 grams.



Steiff Discovery Walk

Since my last trip to Japan in 2014, Japan had tweaked their consumption tax refund procedures. Visitors no longer performs the refund at the airport, but can immediately enjoy tax-free prices at the many shops that display the "Tax-free Shop" logo. Tax exemption applies for consumables or non-consumables that cost a minimum on JPY5,000. Be reminded that it is JPY5,000 per category. By law, consumables are sealed and can only be consumed out of Japan. However, customs doesn't check the items as they run on a trust system. Visitors just need to submit the tax invoices upon departure.

Departure Hall


We did some last minute shopping at the duty-free area before boarding the flight back to KL. That concludes our Hokkaido adventure. Definitely need to get the next Hokkaido high!