Saturday, May 28, 2016

BFF at Koyaku

Little House II

I arranged a belated birthday celebration for KH with the BFF at Koyaku, Taman Desa. During the BFF's golden age, birthday gatherings were 'our thing' and would be a great chance to get together. Now our gatherings are much smaller with fabulous fall-outs and some of us living away from Kuala Lumpur. Alexander the Gay is in Singapore, Savante and Legolas are in East Malaysia. DanielH is in the Philippines. Among those who turned up were Jaded Jeremy, Bunny, Janvier, BeautifulMale (he came although he was down with fever, really bagi muka), Khatijah, JL and of course SK. Additional VIP guests were SimonLover and Sharky. We were given a private room that we shared with another party but we pretended that they weren't there. Haha. With Janvier around, sake would definitely be served. Once again we plied Sharky with drink as he always gives the most adorable of facial expressions. At the end of the night, we cut the cake and tried to get the ultimate group photo by stacking a few chairs ala circus acrobats. The things we do to get the perfect shot. LOL. Hope KH enjoyed the dinner and the company!

Sashimi Mori


Jaded Jeremy said...

Great gathering :)

William said...

Yeah :D

Anonymous said...

who is Beautifulmale? I want!!!

William said...

Just a blog name la... haha... but you might find him cute.