Saturday, March 19, 2016

Monkey Meets MIL

Gold Coin Monkeys

The Tribe visited on the third day of CNY. Big Monster and Little Monster were in good spirits. Mum prepared a big lunch while the kids raided the CNY biscuits. My sister and SK gave Big Monster some piano lessons and as expected, Little Monster sulked at the loss of attention. Sindrom anak bongsu.

CNY Reunion 2

In the afternoon, SK and I visited KH. It was time to greet my MIL. Unlike past years, she was quite chatty and made small talk. She kept telling KH to serve us CNY goodies. Strange. Felt a little cautious at the sudden change. Usually she would claim to have a headache and hide out in her room. Don't know what to make of it really.

A Child's CNY

SK was craving for souffle again, so we made a trip to Wild Sheep Chase. We were twice blessed cause it was open and we managed to secure a table with any fuss. Vanilla was just too plain vanilla for SK, so she ordered the Oolong souffle. Judging from her feedback, she'd definitely go back in the near future. As luck would have it, Biolexus and his boyfriend were entertaining The Physicist (he was taller and broader of shoulder than I imagined) at the next table. Lucky to have been able to meet two new people.

CNY Coffee II

CNY Coffee I

CNY Souffle

CNY Coffee III

Did not chat longer with them because he had a dinner date with Gratitude at his Klang residence. He whipped up a bunch of dishes to celebrate festive season. It was nice to see his mum again. When dinner ended, we cleared away the plates and retreated to the living hall for some chit-chat. Halfway through Gratitude's story about his new Indonesian maid, we smelled smoke. Black fumes were coming out of the bathroom. Turns out that his maid had put a tea light too close to a bottle of shampoo and the heat had melted the bottle and set it on fire. An interesting way to end a dinner party. Haha.

Yet To Be Seated

Spicy Diced


Derek said...

The last time was memang headache... why so skeptical? Hehe

ernestlow said...

The physicist is the one in the pic? Phoah!

Twilight Man said...

MIL eagerly waiting for you to ask for her son's hand.

Jaded Jeremy said...

Hehehe sulky Little Monster didn't throw tantrum meh? :)

William said...

Sure bor? Who gave her the headache?

That's just a random guy with big arms.

Didn't discuss hantaran kahwin also.

Got sulk ah.