Thursday, February 11, 2016

Peanuts Paradigm

Roe Trio

On the first Sunday of 2016, I revisited Paradigm Mall after a long hiatus. Happy to see some new shops but there were still unoccupied lots. Christmas decorations were modest as they used up most of their budget on the licensing of the "The Peanuts Movie" characters most probably. Ate lunch at Sushi Zanmai. Ordered a mixture of salad, sushi and grilled stuff. KH worked in the morning and was just in time to join mum and I. As the good son-in-law, he joined us shopping. Mum was looking for CNY clothes. My poor darling was not used to my mum's shopping stamina because his own mother ain't an avid shopper. He needs more practice. We moved from shop to shop, but alas mum only managed to buy one blouse. Rested our legs at Cosans Coffee. It was my first time there although Apollo gave me warnings about the joint. Well, the coffee wasn't that bad. Still better than the drain water at Urbean. The red velvet was ho-hum as well. A bit dry.


Red Velvet

Dinner that night was at MaisonSK with #BF and Brian. Been a long time since I ate there. The only thing different was beef. For some reason, she cooked two beef dishes that night. Didn't linger long at her place. Went home to watch "The Legend of MiYue" after finally finishing "WuXin The Monster Killer". The latter was quite short at just twenty episodes, but the main actor (Elvis Han) was easy on the eyes. And early in the series he had some shirtless scenes that showed off his smooth, muscular body to good effect.


Pork Neck


Simon said...

Your blog makes me want to go on a trip to Malaysia to experience the culture and beauty :)

Derek said...

Purposely go home to watch series with shirtless hunk!

Yeah lo, walked so much that day. Hehe

William said...

Hi Simon, where are you from?

LOL. Only shirtless in the first two episodes.

Twilight Man said...

This Simon is a Pinoy visitor lah.
Derek won't get jealous with your noti eyes??

William said...

You know him?