Monday, February 22, 2016

Blue Eyes


Mum complained of a sore throat on Saturday morning so she went to the clinic after breakfast. After getting her antibiotics, we headed to Hartamas Shopping Center for a trip to the optician. My last check was three years ago at Apollo's now-closed shop. Wonder if three years of staring at the laptop and smartphone had degraded my vision. And truth be told, my spectacle frame was showing signs and tear. When we walked into the shop, we were surprised to see Eva there! Didn't know that she stopped flying. She told that me that she was rusty after leaving the field for five years, but I agreed to be her guinea pig. The results indicated that my power did not change. Good news indeed! Still, I took the opportunity to get a new pair and add that blue coat to the lens. Supposedly protects the yes from the pesky blue light from digital devices. Against all fashion advice I have also gone back to a rimless frame. Can't stand wearing heavy spectacles all day! SK's power had a significant increase and mum made a spare pair of bifocals too. KH made appearance after his run too. Got his eyes checked as well. Like me, his power was stable.

Once we were done, we rushed over to Serdang for mum's eyebrow weaving touch-up session. SK and I had a couple of hours to burn, so we went to Jojo's Little Kitchen for lunch. The pan mee there is nice but the meat sauce that they use is really too sickly sweet. They also have a water chestnut drink that was perfect for my scratchy throat. Piping hot and soothing... The children's clothes warehouse sale nearby wasn't our thing, so we went to the Flying Teapot instead. The place was decorated with all sorts of teapots and they also have a selection of clothes on sale. Funny that they use the same checkout counter for clothes and food. We ordered the 'Tea for Two' set that came with some cute teapot shaped butter cookies.

Pan Mee

Tea for Two

In the evening, we went to the Pavilion for some shopping. Lifebook was also there because as he was entertaining some visitors from Penang. We joined their dinner at Ichi Zen, then went to raid the department store. Shopping didn't sap all our energy. Still had some reserves to yumcha with KH at 1 Cafe. A really packed weekend!

Golden Monkey

Monkey See, Monkey Do

The Year of the Monkey


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Why no more skanky stories?
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