Sunday, February 28, 2016

Celebrating Our Nine


KH & I marked our nine years together on the 28th of January, however the celebration only took place one day later on a Friday. We decided that it would be better since there wouldn't be an upcoming work day to put a damper on things. Bright and early in the morning, we took the train out to the city center. Took a leisurely walk to Feeka and by the time we got there, KH was sweating already. Turns out that the kitchen doesn't open until an hour later so we left. Our breakfast venue was Restoran Kam Fatt at Tengkat Tongshin. Noodles and kopi. After eating, we went back to the cafe for our second shot of coffee and slice pineapple-ginger cake (I didn't like it at all, no sir). Sipped our coffee and had morning small talk. At a nearby table, a lone woman in exercise gear was crying her eyes out, streaming some makeup down her cheeks. Earlier on she was on the phone with her girlfriend, pouring her heart out.

Coffee and Cake

At 11:00AM, we left the cafe to catch a movie at The Pavilion. KH gave me a choice of "Ola Bola", "The Boy" and "No Longer Heroine". Hmmm. Local feel good production vs horror vs Japanese rom-com. Guess it's appropriate to watch a rom-com when celebrating one's anniversary. The movie is actually based on the manga series "Hiroin Shikkaku" by Momoko Koda. I think they did a good job of translating the manga and even literally importing the special effects from the drawings to the screen. I think the female antagonist did quite well to act out the exaggerated emotional outbursts. Didn't feel annoying at all. Good laughs along the way and there were two male actors to provide eye candy. But of course the plot was a bit wishy-washy with a whole lot of A love B, B don't love A, C comes into the picture, C loves A, etc.

Walked out of the cinema with our tummies rumbling. KH chose to eat at Quivo which turned out to be a winner. Our waiter was excellent and the food was good too. KH took Foursquare's recommendation of risotto while I ordered the falafel trio. I am not fond of risotto because it usually turns out too creamy, but Quivo made a version that I liked. It came in hot plate which gave the grains a fantastic beras terbakar flavour. My dish was a trio of falafel sliders which was yummy too.

Falafel Sliders

CNY was coming soon, so KH wanted to get some new slacks. Went to Parkson to try out some. They have lovely changing rooms there where the boyfriend could slip in to kiss and cop a feel. I love Parkson. Went to Milkcow after that since they were having a ten scoops for RM10 promotion going on (called the Ballsy Day). Didn't like it. The flavours were all scooped up in advance and put into a chiller. When we got it, it was already melting. Of the ten flavours, I only liked chocolate. The black sesame practically launched me into a coughing fit.


We took a slow walk to Federal Hotel, making a short stop at Fahrenheit 88. The construction of the MRT really turned the whole area topsy-turvy. I don't think it's very comfortable for pedestrians. Would seem kinda dangerous, especially when its dark out. Arrived at Kaihomaru greeted by two creepy golden moneys in front of Federal Hotel. The place was deserted except for a Japanese couple seated at the counter enjoying a bottle of Japanese whiskey. The Pinoy waitress that greeted us was hopeless.

Three Monkeys

X-Files Monkey

KH: What's in the sushi tokujyo?

Waitress: A bunch of this stuff and some of that round stuff.

Moi: Maki? 

Waitress: Oh yeah, maki.

Obviously we didn't bother to ask her the variety of fish. She was only good for ordering beer. When the edamame came, I found a strand of soba in it. When they poured me green tea, I was sprayed in the face. And they served the grilled fish upside down. How terrible. Luckily the food was still good. When we paid our bill, we got another shock-- the price in the menu was not updated. They really should get their act together. Zzz... With that we ended our day-long celebration. Muacks baby!

Jyo Sushi Moriawase


Friday, February 26, 2016



Spent most of Thaipusam replacement at home (even breakfast was bread and fig preserve at home). KH was out gallivanting with his colleagues in Klang, so I was left to my own devices. Used the time to continue spring cleaning my room. Mum made chicken porridge for lunch and we continued cleaning till mid-afternoon. SK suggested I take a break and brought me out for tea. She was hankering for soufflé, so I suggested Wild Sheep Chase. Got Wai to come along too (he was dressed like he was going out on CNY1). For some reason, Wai and I have bad juju with Wild Sheep Chase. It was the second time that we went there only to discover that it wasn't open. Thankfully, Wai knew all the alternatives in the vicinity. He suggested Snickerdoodles near Gay Residence. It was located in a new shop lot area that was really quiet. There were interesting paintings on the wall, but no indication of why its called Snickerdoodles (it's actually a type of cinnamon-sugar cookies). They actually used a wok cover as a lighting fixture, Saw Bailey's Milk Tea and immediately ordered that together with a slice of Opera. The waitress hardly gave a grunt of acknowledgement. She reminded me a little of Daria minus a working tongue. Could really taste the Bailey's, but none of the milk tea. The Opera sucked. SK went for a fried chicken waffle sandwich which actually tasted great. The chicken actually reminded me of KFC. The whole time we were there, no customers walked in. Wonder how long more can they survive.

Flower Girl


Fried Chicken Waffles

Bailey's Milk Tea & Opera

View from Seri Gembira Avenue

In the evening, had dinner at home. Tasted a yummy peanut brittle from Ming Yue Confectionery, Ipoh. Crispy and wafting with the aroma of freshly-toasted peanuts. Unfortunately, it's quite a hassle to purchase due to its low production volume (to preserve its quality perhaps), huge number of customers and purchase quota. Might actually take you an hour to clear the queue. Will ask my colleague to purchase more when he goes back to his hometown.

Peanut Brittle

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Guīlínggāo Sunday

CNY Shopping Spree

Woke up kinda horny on Sunday morning, but of course KH wasn't around to settle that. Did my morning stretches and got dressed for church. Mum had another massage scheduled after lunch so we ventured into Kepong again. Had a quick lunch at a kopitiam and I ventured to Aeon Big while waiting for mum to finish her session. Owing to how close CNY was, the place was milling with customers. I walked in to find most Chinese customers pushing a cart full of packet drinks, carbonated drinks and beer. Mandarin oranges and other food stuffs didn't seem to be selling that well. I thought that I would buy something too but after looking at the obscene queues at the checkout counters, I gave up the notion. Picked Kwong Woh Tong as my lepak zone for the afternoon. Enjoyed a bowl of guīlínggāo (minus the turtle) while watching people push drinks-laden shopping carts back to their vehicles. Fell asleep when I got home. By the time I got up it was time for dinner at MaisonSK.


Brian brought a new 'friend' to dinner. His name was Pierre. Noticed that Pierre had a distinct accent. Turns out he was from Hong Kong and was in KL for some sort of placement in UM. Pierre enjoyed SK's cooking of stewed pork tendon, pan-fried pork neck, fried egg in rice wine, stir-fried french beans and lotus root soup. Pierre wants to see the world, but his long term plans are to settle in Japan. Seems that Brian doesn't have a chance with this one. But it definitely won't stop them from having some fun.

Pork Neck Meat

Steamed Prawns with Tofu

Monday, February 22, 2016

Blue Eyes


Mum complained of a sore throat on Saturday morning so she went to the clinic after breakfast. After getting her antibiotics, we headed to Hartamas Shopping Center for a trip to the optician. My last check was three years ago at Apollo's now-closed shop. Wonder if three years of staring at the laptop and smartphone had degraded my vision. And truth be told, my spectacle frame was showing signs and tear. When we walked into the shop, we were surprised to see Eva there! Didn't know that she stopped flying. She told that me that she was rusty after leaving the field for five years, but I agreed to be her guinea pig. The results indicated that my power did not change. Good news indeed! Still, I took the opportunity to get a new pair and add that blue coat to the lens. Supposedly protects the yes from the pesky blue light from digital devices. Against all fashion advice I have also gone back to a rimless frame. Can't stand wearing heavy spectacles all day! SK's power had a significant increase and mum made a spare pair of bifocals too. KH made appearance after his run too. Got his eyes checked as well. Like me, his power was stable.

Once we were done, we rushed over to Serdang for mum's eyebrow weaving touch-up session. SK and I had a couple of hours to burn, so we went to Jojo's Little Kitchen for lunch. The pan mee there is nice but the meat sauce that they use is really too sickly sweet. They also have a water chestnut drink that was perfect for my scratchy throat. Piping hot and soothing... The children's clothes warehouse sale nearby wasn't our thing, so we went to the Flying Teapot instead. The place was decorated with all sorts of teapots and they also have a selection of clothes on sale. Funny that they use the same checkout counter for clothes and food. We ordered the 'Tea for Two' set that came with some cute teapot shaped butter cookies.

Pan Mee

Tea for Two

In the evening, we went to the Pavilion for some shopping. Lifebook was also there because as he was entertaining some visitors from Penang. We joined their dinner at Ichi Zen, then went to raid the department store. Shopping didn't sap all our energy. Still had some reserves to yumcha with KH at 1 Cafe. A really packed weekend!

Golden Monkey

Monkey See, Monkey Do

The Year of the Monkey

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Old School

What are the odds of bumping into your primary school classmate while shopping in Suria KLCC?

What are the odds of recognizing your primary school classmate while shopping in Suria KLCC?

What are the odds that your primary school classmate recognizes you while shopping in Suria KLCC?

For some freaky reason, we managed to recognize each other. We actually remembered each other's name too. I was so chubby back then, wonder what gave me away. My phoenix eyes? He quickly got my number and added me into a What's App group of old school mates. Horror of horrors? Well, it wasn't that bad. However, I was the only Chinese fella in there. Started trying to remember all the old names. Dug out old class photos. Did the express catch up. Most of them were married with kids except for my head boy. He's still single, sports K-pop hair and likes to run. Still as fair as I remember him with some Japanese blood running in him. Perhaps he's gay, but I've yet to make any connections. Gotta dig further. Bwahahaha.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Transitioning from Christmas


Been a while since mum and I ventured to Empire Shopping Gallery. Made a trip there after church for lunch and shopping. Showed mum the F&B choices there and she chose Canton-i. How the prices there have increased! MYR20-30 for rice and noodles with roast meat. When the waitress recommended the roast goose, I looked at the price and immediately shook my head. Halfway through my soup noodles, a family of three showed up and sat beside us. Their voices dominated half of the restaurant.

Hubby: Darling please la! Let me go to the doctor! I'm sick you know!

I have no idea why the wife wouldn't allow him to seek medical attention. But truthfully, he didn't sound sick with a booming voice like that.

Hubby: (speaking to the air) Goodness! How hard is it to make a cup of lemon tea?!

(waiter walks over to check then later brings the drink)

Wife: I think they forgot your order.

Hubby: Yeah la!!! Why didn't you follow up on it!? 

Fishball Noodles

They were so obnoxious that we quickly finished up and paid the bill. Did some shopping after that. Found a shirt that I liked from Esprit and mum found a suitable replacement ironing board. In the evening, we ate out as well. Looked around Supersave for some CNY decorations and to walk off some calories. The selection was quite overwhelming. All sorts of red trinkets high on bling. It was enough for us to start taking down the Christmas tree and put up the ang-ang stuff!

CNY Trinkets

Taking Down the Christmas Tree

Monday, February 15, 2016

Market Celebrities: Red Robert

Made the first CNY market foray on the 9th of January. Due to the proximity to the festive season, all the Cina Babis from all around descended on OUG to make their preparations. The multi-level car park was full and people parked deeper into the residential area. Of course the traffic was also bad. Took me more than three rounds around the market to find a spot. Even with a bigger crowd, I didn't see many CNY-specific items. No firecrackers and smuggled liquor. Not many stalls selling biscuits and snacks. Just one stall selling decorations. Don't think it was in full-swing yet, but the CNY weather had started with a scorching sun. In the market throng, I was lucky enough to tail a hunky fellow in red (auspicious colour). He had a wide back and wavy hair, a masculine jaw with slitty eyes. I shall call him Red Robert.

Banh Mi

For breakfast, mum and I tried a new stall just outside Restoran Ong Lay. It was run by two Vietnamese ladies. I ordered their pork noodles and bahn mi (fried egg, minced pork and ham). The soup was made from good stock, but I didn't quite like the bread. The spread they used was too sweet and the bread was too soft. A good bahn mi has a crispy shell.

Pork Noodles

Went to Sri Petaling after that. Stopped at the pharmacy to fill some prescriptions. Bumped into a gay lou who was asking a pharmacist about Androguard. When he quoted his IC for membership purposed it revealed that he is four years younger than me. Wow, I'm overdue to take some. Mum made a lunch of red rice wine vermicelli. Super yummy.

Red Wine Residual Rice Vermicelli

Right after lunch, she went out to get her hair permed. Too bad KH couldn't come over to give me some lovin' cause he was passed out at home after a rigorous hike in the morning. Spent the lonely afternoon watching American Horror Story. When mum got home, she dug out a can of Nippon paint and we started painting some walls. Polished off the remaining red rice wine chicken for dinner, but had it with rice instead.


Red Wine Residual Rice Vermicelli

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Peanuts Paradigm

Roe Trio

On the first Sunday of 2016, I revisited Paradigm Mall after a long hiatus. Happy to see some new shops but there were still unoccupied lots. Christmas decorations were modest as they used up most of their budget on the licensing of the "The Peanuts Movie" characters most probably. Ate lunch at Sushi Zanmai. Ordered a mixture of salad, sushi and grilled stuff. KH worked in the morning and was just in time to join mum and I. As the good son-in-law, he joined us shopping. Mum was looking for CNY clothes. My poor darling was not used to my mum's shopping stamina because his own mother ain't an avid shopper. He needs more practice. We moved from shop to shop, but alas mum only managed to buy one blouse. Rested our legs at Cosans Coffee. It was my first time there although Apollo gave me warnings about the joint. Well, the coffee wasn't that bad. Still better than the drain water at Urbean. The red velvet was ho-hum as well. A bit dry.


Red Velvet

Dinner that night was at MaisonSK with #BF and Brian. Been a long time since I ate there. The only thing different was beef. For some reason, she cooked two beef dishes that night. Didn't linger long at her place. Went home to watch "The Legend of MiYue" after finally finishing "WuXin The Monster Killer". The latter was quite short at just twenty episodes, but the main actor (Elvis Han) was easy on the eyes. And early in the series he had some shirtless scenes that showed off his smooth, muscular body to good effect.


Pork Neck

Wednesday, February 10, 2016


Just a quick update to say:

Happy Year of the Monkey!

Yeah, I know it's already CNY 3, but I'm famous for my tardiness right?

It's my year and it's my third cycle! Yikes!

Haha. Eat, be merry and monkey around!

Thursday, February 04, 2016

Underwear Rules

Suneo's Choice

For many years I have maintained certain rules when it comes to choosing which underwear to wear. For day wear, I would exclusively go for briefs. I never favoured trunks or boxer briefs under my clothes because I thought that it would be too hot with the extra coverage. All my trunks and boxer briefs were worn for bed or lounging in the privacy of my home. But of late, I found myself breaking that rule cause I was too lazy to segregate them anymore. Whatever I dug out from my underwear drawer or temporary storage (I have resorted to storing underwear in my luggage bags) I would wear. Turns out that there's no problem with wearing trunks to work. The next rule to break would be regarding jockstraps...

Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Meaty Saturday

Christmas Flea Market

Mum wanted to do some shopping at Santorini's only boutique in town, so we ended up at Publika on the first Saturday of the year. As usual, Publika was decked out with a bunch of artsy-fartsy modern interpretations of Christmas trees. All sorts of uncommon materials-- wooden clothes pegs, rope, palms, canvas. All sorts of weird designs-- shaped like a teepee, doubles as a spinner.

Different Materials

Spinner Christmas Tree from William Ng on Vimeo.

Ate lunch at Coffee Société. Been meaning to give it a try. It wasn't that great really. The hazelnut latte wasn't as great as described in Foursquare. My croissant with smoked duck didn't look like much, but it was actually quite filling. And its one of those joints that are fully-operated by Bangladeshis.

Waiter: There's beef in the Big Breakfast.

Moi: No problem.

Waiter: I have to tell. If I don't some customers like to complain. So I have to ask. Sometimes I tell them, but when I serve it, they complain that I didn't tell them.

Moi. No problem, REALLY.

Big Breakfast

No trip to Publika is complete without a visit to B.I.G. to look at their huge selection of imported atas groceries and expensive fresh produce. Was so glad that we went because I was rewarded with a 小鲜肉 at the meat counter. What a coincidence. Yummy. Supermarket Celebrity: Meaty Matt had lovely arms and a sweet smile. Good skin to boot (must be the juice he was slurping).

In the afternoon, mum went to get a touch up for her eyebrows at Serdang. SK and I loitered at Par Tea Time while waiting for her to finish. I wasn't impressed with their milk teas but they do make a killer vegetable dumpling!

Vegetable Dumplings

The beautician called at 6:00 PM, just in time for an early dinner. Managed to secure the last table at Restoran Seoul Korea. The weekend dinner crowd is really crazy over there. Totally love their banchan and grilled meat. The spicy tofu soup's good too.

Sizzling Meat from William Ng on Vimeo.