Thursday, January 07, 2016

Kahwin Karak II: Bentong Breakfast

Morning Crowd

The next morning, we left before the other relatives since they were too slow to get ready. Mum and I drove back to Bentong to check out their famous morning market and have breakfast. Took a gamble with Yuen Kee Kopitiam, an old corner coffee shop without a signboard. Judging by the crowds, it must have some good food. Took us twenty minutes of circling to secure a table. Mum ordered wantan noodles from Hooi Kee but seeing that they seem to be operating so chaotically, she ordered chu cheong fun from the other stall just in case. The CCF was quite impressive. The flat noodles had a good texture and the they use a combination of sauces not seen in KL. In addition to that, they also have a wide selection of stuffed beancurd, fishballs and fishcakes that are quite yummy. That tided us over for the forty-minute wantan noodles wait. I just sat there sympathizing with all the other customers who couldn't get a seat while mum went gallivanting at one section of the market.

Hooi Kee Wantan Noodles

Chu Cheong Fun

When the noodles finally arrived, I wasn't impressed. The noodles look springy, but actually oily and a little soft. The char siew and wantan were also mediocre. Pair it with a messy ordering system (or lack of a system), I really don't recommend that you eat there. But there is a small dessert shop opposite the road that serves up a wicked bowl of black sesame tong sui. Thick and delicious. Quickly vacated the table after we were done and went to explore the market. The morning market is like a huge night market really. I think it rivals the night market at Seri Petaling. All sorts of stuff is sold there which I think makes it more popular than Bentong's Vega Mall. We also went into the wet market which really reminded me of the wet market from my childhood in Kuantan. Bentong is a town with character. Shops still retain the old world feel and they still preserve the practice of hand-painted signs. Pretty much did all the exploring we came to do so we made our way home. Glad I made the trip there.

Bentong Morning Market

Handpainted Signs

Morning Foodies

Corner of Wayang Street & Chui Yin Street

The Keymaker

But our adventure wasn't over. Back in KL, we attended a special mass at the Church of Divine Mercy, Shah Alam to celebrate the start to the Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy. The church was earmarked as one of the pilgrimage churches with a "door of mercy". It's seen by the Church as a period for remission of sins and universal pardon, in this occasion focusing particularly on God's forgiveness and mercy. Normally a jubilee is celebrated every 25 years, but Pope Francis decided to celebrate it earlier. Turned over to Subang Jaya for dinner at Hyotan. Gave it another try after 3 years and I wasn't disappointed.

Door of Mercy

Jubilee of Mery



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