Sunday, January 31, 2016

A Year of Abundance?

District 21

I spent new year's eve at IOI City Mall again. Brought mum to the many boutiques selling plus-sized clothes. Bumped into Pidut at Factorie. Every time I meet him, he seems to be with another cute guy. At around 4:00 PM, mum and I stopped for tea time at Sepiring. Used up a free voucher I had for a bowl of curry laksa. I don't think I will ever go back to that place. They don't seem understaffed nor overwhelmed with customers, but they just don't seem to function well. Can you imagine that they took my voucher and 15 minutes later told me that I had a choice of 3 items. What the heck were they doing? And many tables weren't cleaned up although it wasn't the peak period. Definitely corroborates with the tips left in Foursquare. The prawns in the curry weren't fresh and the additional ABC I ordered was possessed by the syrup demon. Oh well.

Nyonya Laksa


As usual, there was a special new year's eve mass at church. Surprisingly, SK tagged along. After mass, there was a fireworks display and a snack pack. Our yearly routine also brought us to Restoran Kayu Nasi Kandar at Dataran Sunway for teh tarik and roti tisu. By the time I climbed onto my bed, it was already 2:00 AM.

Mini Nativity

The first morning of 2016 didn't feel much different from 2015, but I did wake up feeling quite randy. Too bad KH wasn't sleeping beside me else I would be starting the year with a bang. Freshened up, had breakfast and did some chores. Mum and I had a Christmas / New Year party in the evening so she spent the afternoon preparing food for the potluck. She stewed eggs with soy sauce and pork belly, steamed a pot of yam rice and made some preserved mango. We arrived at church pretty early. A few others were already there, so we opened up the cafeteria and set up the tables. By 7:30 PM, most of the members of my BEC and guests had arrived. Like past years, we had a mini nativity scene set up. Unfortunately, our potluck fell short this year. Too many guests, too little proper food. Bringing some fruits or a small cake just doesn't cut it when you have your whole family along looking for mains. For the first time, pots and plates were picked clean just after the first round. Normally, nobody would bother with the white rice, chiffon cakes and biscuits. But due to more than demand than supply, even those unpopular items were depleted. I was initially shocked when a BEC member baked four large pizzas for the party. In the end, I applauded her for her foresight. The activities for the party involved ice-breaking, caroling, bible readings, discussions and games. Overall, both young and old were entertained.

Whole Eggs

Split Eggs


ernestlow said...

Your mum's a great cook! I am naming your blog food porno of the year. Seriously, how do u stay slim??

William said...

Thanks for the award! How do you that I'm slim? :P