Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Tater in Town: Thai Tater

Pasta with Pesto Chicken

Tater was in town from Bangkok for work. Originally, we had scheduled for a dinner on Sunday but it got bumped up to lunch because his lousy counterpart was well... lousy. That last minute change caused us to scramble to salvage the situation. KH had a brilliant idea and actually picked him up from the airport and went to Kepong to meet me, where I was waiting for my mum to finish her massage appointment. Lex managed to join us but Apollo couldn't. We lunched at Nelson Tan Cafe. I ordered a huge ass pasta with pesto chicken while KH went for a Mexican baked pork thingy that came in a claypot. My poor hubby was sneezing the whole time. He blamed it on the intense sex session we had the day before. It was great meeting up Tater and Lex. Tater had a great opportunity to update Lex about his new adventure in Bangkok. And when it comes to things about Thailand, Lex's eyes would light up. The staff at the cafe were really attentive. When they saw that our drinks had run dry, they automatically brought us water seeing that we were all talking a whole lot. By the time mum was ready to go, Tater also had to leave to check into his hotel and meet his counterpart. Timing was superb.

Mexican Baked Pork

Later in the evening, mum and I ventured to Seri Petaling to have dinner. A very rare choice for me because I absolutely hate the parking and traffic condition there. Tried a new Thai restaurant there called Bangkok's by Cafaeyen. Parked my car at the multi-level car park and walked there. While walking, I heard a very familiar sneeze. Turns out that KH was in Seri Petaling too. Haha. Bangkok's had an interesting half-finished brick finishing. Prices were a little above average but that's to be expected in that area. Personally, I hated the PadThai. Too soggy. However, the shrimp omelette rice was exquisite and the tomyum quite good. Do try their signature iced coffee too. Apollo and QueerRanter-D joined us for drinks and dessert later in the night. Did some catching up as our weekly dinner was cancelled since SK's grandma moved back to Kuantan.

Thai Omelette Rice

Thai Milk Tea


Twilight Man said...

Wow! The overflowed pie looks yummy dei.
Silly Petaling's parking is forever horrendous till eternity.

William said...

The multilevel car park is no longer free :P