Sunday, November 22, 2015

The Chief Hits the Big 4

The Playground

Every year, Janvier throws a surprise birthday party for his hubby, The Chief. The only surprise would be if he did not throw a party, haha. Anyway, to celebrate The Chief's big 4-0, he organized (orginized as Bunny's stepfather prefers it) a private function at Marmalade, Publika. SK, Brian and I went there a little earlier to jalan-jalan while KH came later cause he was tired from the Spartan Run (but he was not tired from oogling all the shirtless hunks who participated). The blue-themed party was huge with three main groups-- BFF, choir and TTDI-ans. As usual, all three groups hardly mingled and gravitated towards each other. The BFF were the earliest, so we conquered the tables nearest to the food.

The Chief's Birthday

I always liked Janvier's parties because it usually brings out the faces that I don't see on a regular basis like DanielH, Khatijah and Savante. We were lucky enough to catch the preppy doctor and his grumpy hubby, Legolas in KL because they had just flew in from Paris. Although it wasn't my party I was happy to get presents from Khatijah and Jay. The BFF have the becomings of a middle-aged group already with only Joe the Baker the only member who has not breached the psychological age barrier of 30. DanielH practically closed his ears when we started talking about high cholesterol, fatty liver and other health issues. Gone were the days vodkas and late nights. Welcome lychee coolers and early bedtimes. Everyone took turns taking pictures with the birthday uncle. The backdrop had balloons that represented his age. When it was Brian's turn, I told him to grab the "0". :P. The three disparate groups came together when it was time to sing the birthday song. Joe the Baker provided a batch of Mashimaro cupcakes with choco-chili frosting. The kids must have loved the frosting. Anyway, I was more shocked by the fact that The Chief is a fan of Mashimaro. Instead of a candle, a sparkler was used and Janvier had to use the panorama mode to get everyone in the picture. The party ended at 9:30 PM, befitting our age group. Haha. Two weeks after the party, all of us received a thank you card in the mail with a mini photo from the party. A great way to remember the event!

Mashimaro Cupcakes

William Ng




Derek said...

What's karmakaret?

Haha .. not happy I ogle at the guys at Spartan Race?

Twilight Man said...

Just curious who is that TTDIans?
Your parties were always to prim and proper.
This name Legolas rings many bells!

Jaded Jeremy said...

"...cause he was tired from the Spartan Run (but he was not tired from oogling all the shirtless hunks who participated)."

What a great motivation lol.

William said...

Body scent. Sure not happy lo, cause I no chance to see.

TTDI-ans? Board gamers actually.

Cuci mata all the way.

Janvier said...

Hmmm. That would be a surprise.

TTDIans are the family group of friends from uni and such who (used to) stay in TTDI :P

If it wasn't for the supposed factor of children we would have chosen a venue that would go on til late! :P