Friday, November 13, 2015

Chiang Mai IV: Churching, Shopping & Walking


KH dutifully attended Sunday mass with me at Cathedral of the Sacred Heart on Sunday morning. Grumbling was at a minimum because English mass started at 11:00 AM. Hehe. Mass was celebrated by an elderly French priest and most of those who came were tourists and expats. They are quite understaffed really. One Indian gentleman acted as reader, altar boy and communion minister. At other times, he would help the priest up and down the steps. I suspect that the two boys in band are his children. When mass was ended, I went around taking pictures. The cathedral has a predominantly woody feel with lots of carvings of bible stories on its wooden doors (and elephants to give it a Thai feel). An elderly German gentleman cornered me and nearly talked my ears off with stories of his family and his 36 year old Thai wife. Couldn't understand half of what he was saying.


Mother Mary

Wedding in Cana

Blessed Nicolas Bunkerd Kitbamrung


After days of culture and sight-seeing, we embraced capitalism and flagged down a somtheaw to Chiang Mai's largest mall-- Central Festival. KH craved for Japanese so we ate at Fumi, the most expensive option there. We were not disappointed with the quality of food. Love the beef tataki roll that came with two variety of sauces. And the sushi platter was also great with the use premium unagi. We didn't stop at that. Tried ramen at Hakata Ramen, an off-shoot of the famous MK brand. KH did not like the texture of the noodles but the soup stock was great. Did some shopping after that. The mall is quite easy to navigate and nearly every corner was inhabitated by a cluster of Snoopy statues. Stopped for coffee at Doppio after picking up some free coffee vouchers from the customer service counter.



Koala & Kid

Fumi Sushi

Fumi Beef Tataki

Hakata Ramen



Spent a good part of the afternoon at the mall and caught the free shuttle service back to town, just in time for the Sunday Walking Market. The Sunday Walking Market is a superset of the Saturday Walking Market. Truly a night market lover's paradise. Streets are closed for merchandise vendors and all the food vendors are placed in the temple compounds. Our dinner was a mix of steamed stuffed crab and barbaqued meat. Also had a small bowl of laksa-like noodles. I expect that tourists pay more when buying merchandise, but in Chiang Mai, it extends to food too. KH wanted to try the massage at Wat Sam Phao so I waited for him with a grilled chicken thigh in hand and my eBook in the other. Twenty minutes later he dejectedly told me that the line was too long. We walked all the way to the Three Kings Monument and Wat Sadue Mueang, the original home of the city pillar. Our feet were complaining already so we went home after that.

Stuffed Crab



Wat Sadue Mueang


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