Saturday, October 24, 2015

Market, Coffee, Tea

Fried Tofu

To start off, Notepad++ crashed on me (not that it never happened before) and killed my text file in the process. I'm kinda pissed because that text file contained all my blog post notes that I had to publish! All my hard work gone in an instant! So forgive me if I'm gonna be a little brief here cause I had forgotten all the details!!!

Sweet Potatoes and Ginger

Go market beli sayur.

Daniel's Wantan Mee

Makan Daniel's wantan noodles.

Egg Tarts

Bought some egg tarts from Tong Kee.


Went out tea time paktor with KH. Wanted Wild Sheep Chase, but there was a long line. Huge floor space, limited tables. Hunger marketing perhaps. Alternative? Les Deux Garcons just a short walk away. Another couple did the same. The latte we ordered came in something that reminded me of a bowl more than a cup. It wasn't bad. Our table was next to a bunch of orang kaya who brought their own liquor in a cooler box. They toasted each other:

"So much suffering in the world, so let's enjoy life!"

Didn't order their cakes. The prices have gone sky high. A small slice can set you off MYR25!

Teh Tarik

Simple dinner at MaisonSK. Mum watched Astro Golden Melody with Apollo's mum while we went out for teh tarik at Restoran Rishadh. The end.

P.S.: Perhaps you prefer this simpler format? Brisk. Straight to the point. Haha.


Derek said...

Prefer more details le. Sad for dear... :-(

William said...

Will start a periodic backup plan :(

TZ said...

wow~ RM25 for a piece of cake... what cake is that?

Jaded Jeremy said...

So sorry to hear about the crash :(

Daniel's Wantan Mee?

William said...

Precious cake haha

Not THAT Daniel haha

Twilight Man said...

What a robbery! RM25 for a slice of cake. %$#&@*!!!

William said...

That's why the brothers kaya raya LOL