Tuesday, October 13, 2015

German Day, Japanese Night

Meat Platter

KH bought a Groupon voucher for a meat platter at SOP (Sound of Paradigm), Paradigm Mall some months ago. He utilised it at the final weekend before it expired. Rounded up SK, Nicky05 and Sharky to join. Huge floor space but only a few tables occupied on a Saturday afternoon. Funny that the waiter told KH that they were fully-booked. Kelentong le tu. Was nice to see Nicky05 and Sharky again. The platter consisted of a pork knuckle, schnitzel, pork belly, bacon and a side of mash and sauerkraut. Also ordered some dark German beer and it was fun getting Sharky to drink it. One sip and he looked ready to hurl! At the end, we got him to take a wefie for us. That kid is a real natural. His arms are biological wefie sticks. Went to Pacific Coffee after that but Sharky didn't join. He needed to 'comfort' his gor who had just gone through a breakup.

Dark Beer

Another makan-makan event was slotted in the evening. An early celebration for Lifebook's birthday at Yamada. Sad to say that I was disappointed with the quality of food that night. Not worth the price. Mediocre salad, sour unagi and bland sashimi. I was only happy with the salt-grilled Amberjack head. Mum and other senior citizens went home to watch Astro Classic Golden Melody while SK, KH, Apollo, QueerRanter-D, #BF and I went to Donutes for some drinks and a slice of cake. Lifebook redeemed a birthday treat from them but it was a poor-looking custard bun. Didn't stay long as I was quite sleepy. Not polite talking to someone then lolling your head from left to right!

Negitoro Maki

Grilled Ox Tongue


Salt-grilled Amberjack Head



Twilight Man said...

I was often attracted by that SOP offers online. Should I buy it next time?

William said...

Better go Soprano's at Newcom, Old Klang Road.

J-boy said...

Oh so that's what SOP stands for... I've often wondered haha :P

William said...

Not Standard Operating Procedure.

A Law said...

I missed the grilled ox tongue. haven't had it in ages