Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Are You Gila-Gila?

Profesor Serba Tahu & Pin

I grew up with Gila-Gila and Ujang. When my brother returned from Alam Shah boarding school, he would normally bring home a few of those comics. Normally it would be Hari Raya bumper issues that he buys at the bus station for the long trip back. Would go through those issues over and over again until they end up looking like ham choi. So when Galeri Petronas had the "Lagi-Lagi Gila-Gila" exhibition, I had to attend. It was really a trip down memory lane with 200 pieces of original artwork ranging from comic strips, editorial cartoons, rare first editions and sketches and drawings. The humour was quite universal with simple laughs and satirical pieces that required thinking and knowledge on current issues. As BERNAMA reported, "Those were the days when satire was a source of laughter, not a charge under the Sedition Act". Time to relive some 'madness'...

Tiger Trick

Jungle Jokes II

Tiga Dara Pingitan

Lagak A. Mamud

From Taiping With Love

I end this post with a quote from Profesor Serba Tahu:

"Waktu kanak-kanak kita cukup bila dapat peluang berpakaian, tapi bila dewasa kita cukup seronok bila dapat peluang buka pakaian."

Profesor Serba Tahu Says


Derek said...

Hmm too bad I missed it ...

A Law said...

I missed those comic strips!!

William said...

Cause you busy busy lo

@A Law:
The old days...

Anonymous said...

Your brother went to a boarding school meh?
Anyways, used to love Gila-Gila (no need to understand the captions, just look at the drawings also funny already) but that love faded when I went to University.
Somehow, in the late 90's and early 2000's, Gila-Gila was just not as funny as it used to be.

William said...

Yup, sekolah berasrama penuh.
Two possibilities, either they got worse, or we grew out of the humour.

Twilight Man said...

You got a real brother? I am shocked.