Friday, August 28, 2015

Water Woes Again

Water Meter

Took Monday off to replace Nuzul Quran on Saturday. Perfect opportunity for me to check out the water woes at home. Recently, the water bill had been erratic with the last outstanding balance at MYR100+. How can two persons with no cleaning obsession use that much water a month!? The plumber wasn't coming in so early. When I called him some time before 9:00 AM, he answered the phone groggily. Think he was still sleeping. Went to breakfast with mum at Taman Damai Utama. When he came, we did some testing and eliminated some possibilities. In the end, he put his suspicion on the bathrooms. Odds were high at the master bedroom. The pipes were empty after the valve was closed indicating some abnormal beaviour. Think we heard a constant trickling sound behind one wall. The plumber left some time before noon and asked me to monitor the meter closely after letting the water tank fill up. Don't think he will be returning anytime soon to solve my problem. Lets see what the bill amount is like in the coming months...

Still on the theme of water, I put on my swim trunks and went to the pool. Had the pool all to myself since it was a fasting month Monday. Chatted for a while with a 70 year old granny who told me that she was an avid swimmer during her VI days. Told me stories about her children and her days abroad. She had spent twelve years in the US but her husband decided to come back to Malaysia. When I asked her where she preferred to live, her answer said it all, "It doesn't matter. I have to be where my husband is.". She sounded resigned and a little bitter. Later in the evening, SK paid us a visit. She had just returned from a business trip in Saint-Malo, France. She got me a Saint Benedict Medal from one of the churches there. Love the design of the medal. First laid my eyes on it when I saw the tattoo on DanielH's nape.

St. Benedict Medal & Cross


Derek said...

So long already, dear quickly find out what's wrong. Maybe is the meter?

William said...

Quite frustrating and a big waste of money!!!

ernestlow said...

The concealed pipes might be leaking and it will lead to dampness in the walls and wiring if unrepaired!

Anonymous said...

DanielH's nape?!

William said...

Can't find any damp walls :(

Yup. A common place for tattoos.