Monday, August 03, 2015

The Tribe at Perth II: With the Gors

Hokkien Mee

Went to church with SK on Sunday. Right after English mass, we loitered at One Utama. Did some quick shopping at Uniqlo and Isetan. Surprisingly, Brian popped over after SK summoned him. That meet up lasted less than one hour before we had to rush home (secret mission for SK). I spent some time at SK's place and had lunch there. She cooked seafood noodles that was brimming with fish fillet, fishballs, mushrooms and scallops. In the evening, I had a swim with Brian. Seems like ages since I had a swim buddy.

Seafood Noodles

Swim in Green

Monday was a holiday for me, replacement for Agong's birthday. Early in the morning, had breakfast with SK at Hawker Street KL. That was our third choice after finding Woo Pin and House of Ceggo closed. Tried their premium CKT and seriously was quite impressed. Went on to Midvalley Megamall after that. Lifebook joined us for a short walk before stopping at Jamaica Blue for coffee. The three of us had a long talk there. Our lunch was at Hanamaru Udon, a sister restaurant of the revived Yoshinoya. A hearty bowl of piping hot udon only costs RM12+. I tried to spycam the lanky Vietnamese staff there but I couldn't get any good shots though he was right in front of me!

Beef Udon

PenangGor joined us after that. He was in town to settle some permit issues with the authorities. The last I saw him was during dinner at Ante last year. He treated us to Pastis though we well know he can afford TWG. LOL. Lots of bickering between him and Lifebook. Like an old married couple.


Twilight Man said...

I confirm Lifebook has reached early menopause.

Hdaran said...

Oooooo, brief swimming trunks, sexy!!!

Derek said...

Second day away from baby ...

William said...



Abandoned :'(