Tuesday, August 04, 2015

LRT Celebrities: Arena Aaron

This cutie got on the train at the same time with me during morning rush hour at Bukit Jalil. Judging from his attire and wet hair, he had just finished his morning swim. A student at the sports academy perhaps since he had some sort of Majlis Sukan Negara tag tied to his knapsack. I can imagine him in tiny Arena swim trunks. :). Although the first pic hints that the has big balls (bukak kaki besar-besar), there are no subsequent shots that show his package peeking out from his shorts like the famous MRT shot.



Back to my phone!


Derek said...

Hehe hoping to catch a glimpse of something ....

William said...

Skanky de

Anonymous said...

Hmm..old train set? Anyway kinda cute :-)

William said...

This is an old post. :D