Friday, August 07, 2015

Audit Acting


On Friday, my whole team was stationed at Bandar Utama for an audit. A requirement for my company to keep its special tax status. Since the registered address is at group HQ, we had to pretend that we work there. I had to follow up with the admin people to make sure that they prepared a 'clearly-designated working area' for us.

Admin: I think we cannot get cubicles for you because a whole bunch of people would need to move their desktops and reconfigure their network. Can you use one of the small meeting rooms instead?

Moi: Since you put it like that, no choice lo. I check with my COO.

Admin: Don't say no choice. Not we cannot do. Just asking. (fuiyoh, cover ka cheng mode!)


Admin: I've prepared an island with 8 seats. Another two at the side.

Moi: Thanks. Can I check with you whether the cubicle has a clip where I can affix a sign?

Admin: I think you better come over to Bandar Utama now to make sure everything is in order. (wahseh, already 5:00 PM le!)

Sakit hati betul. Anyway, the audit went well. We just got a whole lot of cold stares from the people we had displaced for a day. Inconvenienced. After work, I picked KH up from Kelana Jaya LRT station and we paktor-ed at Le Pont Boulangerie. He passed to me the cute souvenirs that he had brought back from London. Thanks baby!

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Derek said...

Nice paktor time .. hehe

William said...

A bit of skanky time too :P

Jaded Jeremy said...

Thanks for being the fireman :P