Sunday, July 12, 2015



Celebrated Mother's Day with The Tribe after Sunday mass. Left the task of figuring out a restaurant to my sister. She came up with an interesting choice-- Kokopelli's Travellers Bistro. Never heard of it nor seen it as it was hidden within a housing estate in Petaling Jaya. Turns out that the restaurant is a bungalow facing a roundabout, with no obvious signage. And more interestingly, it serves Malay-Western cuisine which explains the majority of Malay clientele. The whole place had a very lived-in feel with loads of knick-knacks that usually grows over the years. Display cabinets and shelves in Kokopelli's is full of decorative items and toys. Even the drinks counter is half-conquered by Playmobil figures. Thankfully, they found a large table for us although we were walk-in customers. Surprisingly, food was good! Haha. My personal recommendations are the tomato tomato bruschetta (avoid if you're not a fan of parsley), CKT (watch out for the spiciness), moussaka, passion fruit drink and hot chocolate (thick and inexpensive). And plenty of toys to keep the kids occupied. The only downside is the service. Sometimes feel like telling them, "Turn that frown upside-down!". Can consider coming again to try their other stuff and also their wildly popular creme brulee. Some customers walk in to secure the dessert first before sitting down to order their mains. Must be something. Go give it a try y'all.

Kiddy Shoes

Playmobil Pram






Hdaran said...

Awww.... I miss playing with Legos...

Jaded Jeremy said...

Wahhh the CKT really looks spicy.

William said...

It's PlayMobil, not Lego

It is!