Thursday, July 02, 2015



Cutiepie's youngest daughter Belle turned one in April and she threw a birthday bash at Basil House, Kajang. The Indian restaurant had a function hall upstairs and judging by the Doc McStuffins banner on the wall, its frequently used for children's parties. The night before, I went shopping for a birthday gift at Isetan KLCC and truth be told, its not easy shopping for a one year old. Contemplated Duplo but I think it really isn't worth the dosh. Reverted to the classic Chinese gift instead-- the red packet. Cash is always king. LOL. But anyway, spotted something interesting at the toy section-- Polis DiRaja Malaysia Premium Die Cast Collection of police vehicles officially licensed to The Nine Products. Didn't realize that the police force dabbles in merchandising. What's next? Ketua Twitter Negara action figures by Bandai? Gosh.


The Tribe didn't go to the party as BIL suddenly decided to bring them to Melaka to visit his mum. So only Mum, Sis, KH, SK and I attended. But it was also good that the kids didn't come because the food wasn't suitable for them. Mostly spicy (I especially liked the mutton!) and vegetables aren't exactly the kids' favourite. At the party met up with Tina and her kids. An interesting insight into her non-mainstream way of upbringing. Her kids are home-schooled, not allowed to play with smartphones and tablets and have extremely limited TV time. A few years back, Cutiepie employed MJ the Clown to keep the kids occupied. She requested to have him at the party and she was disappointed that they sent an imitation. Guess that MJ the Clown is not a specific person, just many of the characters available to choose from. Tina's kids were afraid of the clown. And Belle was generally afraid of everyone. She bawled the whole time! Poor kid.

Sophia the First

Her birthday cake had a big "Sofia the First" on it. Truth be told, I'm in the dark about that Disney Junior character. We left when the party was at full swing. MJ the Clown was showing off his magic tricks and and had gone through a bag of balloons. On our way home, we stopped by at pH Pastry House for some drinks. Tried the big blueberry strudel and decided that it would be much better if it had a few more layers of blueberry in it. Too many layers of pastry just makes it too dry for the palette (put an iPhone beside it for scale, normally one sees that for dick pics XD). And the vanilla lemon milkshake was a tad too mild for my liking. KH tried the peanut butter-chocolate-banana cake and truth be told its not as scary as it sounds. Not all mushed together, but layered. Not bad actually.

Blueberry Strudel


Twilight Man said...

I never have problem to buy gifts for all ages except foreigners!
Now those police cars really struck my eyes. I will carry them to Tokyo!
Thanks babe.

William said...

Glad to be of help