Sunday, June 07, 2015

2015CNY0: Reunion Remixed

The Year of the Lamb

Note: Thank Goodness it's CNY again!!!

I utilised my replacement Thaipusam holiday on the eve of CNY. Bro was back, so we went out for breakfast at OUG. For some reason, luck wasn't on my side that day although I was wearing yellow underwear. Yellow is supposedly my lucky colour for the Year of the Goat le. Ordered wantan noodles from a stall at the coffee shop and it never came although the Indonesian staff reassured me that it would. After mum and Bro finished their noodles, I decided to just belah. Went to settle mum's banking at Maybank. Strangely the tellers didn't have a long line. On the other hand, it was chaotic at BSN where the branch was full of customers and the queuing system dead. Got that out of the way and went on to try to get some breakfast again. Thosai seemed simple enough. But it took longer than usual and I thought WTF, again?! Well, I wasn't that unlucky. Eventually it came, but tak sedap la. Fine. At the last minute, mum managed to buy a super cheap qipao at a boutique in the area. Just MYR29.90. Super value. We still had time to go to Seri Petaling to collect some customised buttons from the craft shop and collect yummy fish cake from mum's friend.

QiPao X 2

Back home, mum started gathering all that was necessary to cook reunion dinner at my sister's place. Had an additional six guests from BIL's side of the family. His parents had come from Melaka and after dinner they were all gonna make a trip to Kedah to spend CNY with their eldest daughter. Since guests were around, mum cooked to impress and had to prepare more food. Understandably, she was a bit stressed. Earlier in the day, Sis was making her lamb biscuits. Luckily she released the kitchen early enough for mum to make dinner preparations! At the end of the evening, we sat down to three vegetarian dishes (BIL's mum is a devout Buddhist), abalone soup, blanched chicken, steamed pomfret, fried threadfin, yam pork (and another that KT bought from BP), steamed prawn in egg, pork ribs, and salad. And unlike other years, she dressed up. Mum and Sis both dressed up in their new qipaos. By 9:00 PM, the guests had left and we had cleaned up. SK and Apollo had also finished, so we met up at Azee Cafe for drinks. Never been there before. Surprised that my neighbourhood had such a nice cafe.

Baa-Baa Lamb Biscuits

Reunion Dinner 2015

P.S.: In case you didn't know, CNY 2015's reunion dinner shared the same date as Ash Wednesday. In the Catholic liturgical calendar, it marks the start of Lent. According to tradition, Catholics would mark their forehead with ash and it would be a day of fasting and abstinence. Quite a contrast to what happens during reunion dinner right? Anyway, the church allowed it to be replaced on another day.

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