Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Fishballs for Breakfast

I thought of going to work on the 2nd of January but that idea got scrapped when I found out that none of my colleagues were going. All of them took replacement leave for Prophet Muhammad's Birthday on Saturday. Thought that since I was considered based in Singapore now, I wasn't eligible. But since my boss approved it, what the heck. Brought mum out for breakfast at Restoran New Seaview at Taman Damai Utama. For some reason, kopitiam seem to favour that name. With that many seas out there, the Klang Valley would be underwater by now. But at least this shop actually painted blue skies on the ceiling. Went to do some chores too. Cut my unruly hair and did some banking. Not a pretty sight at the branches. It was the start of the month and the the previous day was a public holiday. To top it off, a whole bunch of people turned up to withdraw their ASB dividends. Chaos. I just wanted to update my phone number so that I could get a stupid security pin to register for internet banking. Submitted the form an hour of waiting and I was told that they would call me. WTF. I could have just submitted the form and left. Idiots. Rushed home cause the cleaner was coming in that day. Made a quick stop to pack some chicken rice. Big Monster actually finished that by himself so I had to settle with some instant noodles. Later that night I managed to meet up with KH at Little Star Cafe in Kuchai Lama. Typical cafe with crappy food and drinks with glorified names. But the highlight of the night was another KKK event. Not the Ku Klux Klan, but a Krazy KH Koincodence. We actually turned up in the same shorts paired with red T-shirts! The twin boyfriends phenomenon?



zerachiel said...

hahaha, matching shorts n shirts, so cute !! XD

William said...

The exact same shorts, but not the same T-shirt

Jaded Jeremy said...

One of you must have spied on the other lah. Or there's an insider giving information to the other party :)