Tuesday, April 28, 2015

You've Got Balls

Four Flavours

Right before Christmas, the Winter Solstice was celebrated. Had a reunion dinner at my sister's place and invited SK and Brian over too. And the tang yuan was special with a quad of homemade flavours: blue from Bunga Telang, green from pandan, yellow from pumpkin and purple from sweet potato. Not only different colours, but different textures due to the ingredients. I didn't do the rolling, left it to the kids to play. Hehe. Wouldn't want to rob a great childhood experience from them. And mum made the savoury variety for me, tang yuan in chicken soup! My favourite. I was a happy boy! Not sure if I ate 34 glutinous rice balls that year... huhuhu.

Sweet Tang Yuan

Savoury Tang Yuan

Steamed Fish

White Chicken

Home Is Where The Heart Is


Hdaran said...

The colours look almost artificial!

SamL said...

Tangyuan in chicken soup? I've never tried that before..

William said...

Au naturel

Give it a try. Put in some sliced mushrooms, prawns, garnish with chinese parsley

Derek said...

Never try before in chicken soup le ... interesting

zerachiel said...

tang yuan in chicken soup ? (@_@)
sedap ke ?

Twilight Man said...

OMG! The colours!