Wednesday, April 22, 2015

SIN Din Din

Good Morning Singapore

With 2014 coming to a close (yes, yes, I am aware it's already past the first quarter of 2015...), both Nic and Tater made dinner plans with me during my last trip to Singapore for the year. Starting from the 19th of December, I cleared 8 days of leave, effectively giving me a fortnight-long rest period. Met Nic and POD first at Kok Sen Restaurant after work. Took a short walk from Cecil St. to Keong Saik Rd. Passed several familiar gay lou landmarks like DYMK and Taboo. Kinda weird seeing them in the daylight. Feels quite different. Found the place with little fuss. It was actually just opposite Taratata Bistrot, the horrible French place. Kok Sen was pretty full at 6:15 PM which was a good sign. Nic was in his post-work cranky and hungry phase, so he ordered all the favourites in jiffy. His choices were spot-on. The Big Prawn Bihun was in a tomyum-like soup with more than 6 large prawns. The other special was the deep-fried frogs. So rare for me to have frogs in a dry dish. But it was moist and flavourful. Loved it. With his belly filled, Nic was feeling much better but ironically he ate too much. Decided to go for a spot of tea at YiXing Xuan. Met Ally there, a very chatty and friendly lady who minded the tea house. They play a game there where Ally randomly makes the tea and Nic tries to guess it on the first sip. We had a matured PuEr that really helped settle our tummies and get at the fat. Talked about everything under the sun. I was introduced as KH's boyfriend, whom Ally remembers as the dude who brought a mouldy mooncake from Genting Highlands. LOL. And that happened years and years ago. Goes to show that people never forget embarrassing stories.

Good Evening Singapore

Painter Boy in Bow

Spicy Prawn Bihun

A Spot of Tea

I'm a Little Teapot

The next day was dinner with Tater. We met on a rainy evening after work at City Hall. Walked into Chijmes and found it quite different from what I remembered. Tater had a hankering for chicken, so we chose to eat at Harry's. Harry's Jazzy Burger kinda jumped out at me, so I had that. A great Angus beef patty topped with crispy bacon. According to the menu, it was supposed to come with a side of crisps, but they gave me fries instead. No complaints, cause that was what I was secretly wishing for. Tater was also in the mood for drinks, so I ordered a pint of Kronenbourg and he a large cocktail. He was nice enough to foot the bill. Hehe. We hung out at my hotel room after dinner. My room had a nice night view of MBS and the Singapore Flyer with cosy seats by the window. I made us both mugs of black tea and we chatted till late. He even gave me a Christmas present which from my magic fingers knew instantly that it was underwear. Haha. So sweet of him. At the end of the night, I had to pack as I was flying back to KL the next day and start my long holiday!

Xmas Present

Good Night Singapore


Twilight Man said...

Why hide yourself???

SamL said...

How do you remember all these details lol i cant even remember what i did last week

William said...

Cause the present too big? :P

I keep notes :)