Wednesday, April 08, 2015

KH Wedding Trip III: Hi Baby, Bye Baby

Sunny Shopping Arcade

Slept in on Sunday morning because I had already attended sunset mass the evening before. More time to snuggle and kiss in bed, our hands greedily going for each others skin. At about 10:30 AM, we went out hunting for food. Settled for a charsiew bun from the MRT station. Did a second round of Christmas shopping at Kino and BHG and we still weren't done. Had a lunch date with Eunice and family (who happened to be having a staycation at Intercontinental Hotel to celebrate the birthday of the two most important men in her life, her son and hubby), MoonlightPiggy and her colleague at Ma Maison. Eunice's baby is getting cuter. Quick to smile and quite the attention whore. Passed him around the table like a basket of bread. I was satisfied with the spicy mentaiko spaghetti that KH ordered. Good taste and had some wok qi. Eunice didn't join us for post-lunch coffee at Toast Box as her son had his 'drink' plans too.

Brown Sauce

Went to Bras Basah Complex after that to look at the book stores and art supplies shops. Now I understand why Janvier likes to go there. Stopped by briefly at Bugis+ for a small Cosplay event before heading back to the hotel. Just had one hour left for KH to pack and for me to give him a farewell BJ.

Old Books & Mags

Adopt a Book

Cosplay Hairdresser

Thin Cosplayer

Our early dinner was at Itacho Sushi where we just ordered ala carte nigiri sushi. By the time we got to the departure hall, it was already 7:00 PM. Forty minutes left to his flight time and the immigration counters were more packed than usual. And KH even encountered a computer glitch on his line. Thankfully he didn't miss his flight although he only had ten minutes to spare by the time he reached the departure gate. The sushi dinner had left me a little nippy so I bought some sticks of yakitori from ToriQ before going back to the hotel. Finally finished watching "The Legend of the Eight Samurai". So bad, it's kinda good. Honourable mention for the costume designer who worked Elizabethan flare collars into the villains' kimonos. Surprisingly, it worked.

Frohe Feiertage


Salmon Belly

Seared Salmon


Derek said...

Short and sweet trip!

But now no more lo ;-(

William said...

No more weddings?

Dan said...

Finally your sexcapades are returning to your blog! I've been looking forward to it for a long time..

William said...

Hardly anything juicy