Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Surprise Singapore Sunday

The Choir of the Risen Christ

KH did some research and found a mass time that he was agreeable with. His requirements were specific. The church had to be nearby and the mass time not too early (he needed his beauty sleep and morning skank). The best candidate was the 10:00 am mass at St. Joseph's Church. I should thank him for it because they have a wonderful cathedral mass at that slot every Sunday. Not that St. Joseph's is a cathedral, just that the Cathedral of the Good Shepherd is closed for major restoration for two years. So they have it at a nearby church. The best thing about mass there is the Cathedral Choir of the Risen Christ, headed by Peter Low. According to Wiki, the choir has gone on numerous tours around the world, even singing for the Pope and his audience of 30,000 on June 5, 1985 at Saint Peter's Square in the Vatican City. Every Sunday morning, there would be a procession into the church with a standard that was blessed by Pope Saint John Paul II. Think there are about forty of 'em! At the back, the celebrant, readers and communion ministers make up only a small percentage. Peter Low definitely runs a tight ship. Before mass, he practises with his core team, giving stern looks when he hears something that he doesn't approve of. But the result is quite fantastic with angelic voices and beautiful chants that enhance the liturgy.

Al Fresco

First choice for lunch was at the nearby HDB food centre, but it was too crowded. Overflowing at 11:30 AM. Amazing. Ate at Ramen Champion instead. Forgotten which ramen I had ate before, so I just made a random choice of Buta God. Chef Mamoru Kanaya specialises in pork ramen. Although his eyes look a bit scary, he cooks up a great bowl of ramen full of non-halal goodness! Didn't jalan-jalan, just went back to the hotel to nap. KH needed the rest to fix his sneezing spell. I on the other hand, fiddled with my phone the whole afternoon. Just slept a bit later in the afternoon.

Buta God

Woke KH up, got him ready for his flight. Met MoonlightPiggy for dinner at Saboten, Changi T1. Not really a katsu fan, but it was pretty good. The process of freshly-grinding black and white sesame seeds really enhance the flavour of the sauce. Another funny thing is that they serve a good cabbage salad. Normally I just ignore shredded cabbage. Having it raw just doesn't work for me. But for some reason, the cabbage served at Saboten is refreshing! You'd definitely ask for seconds and thirds. But beware of their green tea at SGD3.00 per head! Mahal giler. Saw KH off, waited for him to clear immigration. Was still a little early, so I loitered at BHG for a bit. Back to sleeping in a large bed without a BF to hug...

Grind that Sesame


Kinetic Rain


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