Monday, March 16, 2015

KLIA2 Celebrities: Four-eyed Fred

Time to revive my flagging readership with some eye candy. Caught sight of Four-eyed Fred at KLIA2 while I was lining up at the AirAsia counter. Couldn't find the Premium Flex counter at its usual location, so I thought that they had done away with it. And the ground staff didn't tell me that it had moved to X, just told me to join the long queue. Thank goodness it only took me thirty minutes and I had plenty of time to spare. And of course that delay gave me the opportunity to photograph our specky specimen of Korean descent. Look at those thick lips. Sign of a high sex drive! The reason I only got his head (not dick head) was because he was queuing directly behind me. Not easy to take a shot while I'm facing the other side. Kinda happy with the results. Too bad I couldn't photograph his hunkier friend. Annyeonghaseyo!


soul232 said...

or a sign of lips well-kissed haha

William said...

Sedut sampai bengkak