Friday, March 06, 2015

KL, Kari, KH, Kawan

Curry Breakfast

As usual, Saturday was a marketing day for me. There was a BEC Gathering that night, so mum wanted to buy some ingredients for the potluck. My favourite noodles stall was closed so we tried a stall that we had never tried before. Airy and spacious, and the curry noodles were quite good too. Lunch we had home. Packed some Anson CCF from a factory at Jalan Hujan Rahmat. Surprisingly, it looked authentic, but taste wise it was too sweet and not quite as fragrant. In the afternoon, KH came a-calling. With no place better to go, we had drinks at Ocean Bubble House. First time there since they moved to the adjacent shop lot. Some additions to the menu, most obvious was the brewed coffee section. The place is now more 'open' with less opportunity for us to be a little naughty. Or perhaps we should just be openly naughty Haha.

Anson CCF

In the evening, I had rosary prayer session at a house in Jalan Badang. The area is just beside the highway, so getting there can be a little tricky if not coming from the right direction. That night, the theme for the potluck was noodles. Basically had everything except for mee suah and hor fun. Not that we do it on purpose, just that it happens at times that everyone brings similar items. We used to do some coordination to avoid duplicates, but it did not work so well because most of us make last minute decisions.


Been a while since my last movie with mum, so I bought some tickets for after mass at GSC Paradigm Mall (HSBC B1F1). Nothing much to watch, so I chose "Flirting in the Skies", directed by Wong Jing. Just from the director, I need not describe to you the nature of the movie. Basically a splice of the popular TVB series??? with Stephen Chow's "Flirting Scholar". To make things work, there is a time travelling plot in there . Sex jokes all the way. What can be funnier than introducing womanizing pilots to Ming dynasty nympho maniacs? And throw in a wireless vibrator for good measure.

Once again, SK organized a dinner party. Essentially it was a Japanese daikon party to showcase that ingredient. We had radish soup and stewed pork with radish. The Japanese variety is definitely sweeter than its local counterpart. Our nightcap was premium select Choya, ume wine mixed with brandy. Not worth it at triple the price. But any booze is good booze. Haha.

Steamed Prawns

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