Monday, March 23, 2015

KH Meets Dad

The Rebecca

Arranged my work trips so that I would be home on the first week of November. The main reason for that was my family's annual for All Souls' Day trip to Teluk Intan. All Saints' Day falls on the 1st of November while All Souls' Day is a day after that. Both important dates were on the weekend so it was easier to plan. On Saturday, we attended the obligatory mass in KL. In the afternoon, KH, SK and I met up at Owls Cafe in Bukit Jalil. Immediately fell in love with their waffles although I'm not a waffle person. Light and fluffy and the crown jewel of Earl Grey ice cream really made it a winner. Unfortunately, I wasn't fond of their coffee. KH tried their rose coffee, but it just reminded me of kopi sirap ros. Also tried a slice of black sesame cheese cake. Interesting fusion. But if not for the waffles, do go there for the unique owl-themed decorations and abundance of natural lighting makes it a great place for photography.

Black Sesame Cheesecake

Rose Latte

Behind the Counter

All Souls' Day 2014 was special because SK and KH also accompanied us. Both of them had not been in that neck of the woods before. And it was a good excuse to give KH's new Honda Civic an outstation run. My sister dictated that we should leave KL at 6:00 AM, so I had to wake up at 5:00 AM. T_T. We went in separate cars, with SK and I in KH's car. We left at the same time, but BIL arrived half an hour ahead of us. Guess the wrong turn that we made and the light foot that KH had on the gas pedal cost us some time. Not that we took a long coffee / toilet break at the R&R. Met up with The Tribe, mum and bro at Jalan Maharani, where we would usually have breakfast and buy the famous Teluk Intan CCF. They were early enough to get the last packet of yummy nasi kunyit with charsiew and sambal prawn (sold out by 8:30 AM). The whole table was a buffet of dim sum, CCF and wantan noodles.

Yellow, Sticky, Spicy

Pan Mee

Seperti biasa, we would then get some flowers from the nearby wet market then make our way to St. Anthony Christian Cemetery along Jalan Sekolah. For the first time, KH came 'face to face' with my father. Not sure if in his heart he was saying "Hi uncle, I love your son very much. Would you entrust him to me?". He helped me to weed the perimeters of the grave and clean up. We then lit candles and prayed the Rosary. Wrapped things up at the cemetery and went over to Sin Joo Heong Confectionery to buy biscuits and other buah tangan. It was also the perfect opportunity to visit my aunt and cousin. Had a long chat and camwhore session with them. Went back into town after that and we purposely made a stop at the famous leaning clock tower. Not something we usually do, but mandatory with tourists. Quickly took a few shots and jumped back into the car to avoid melting in the sun.

Menara Condong

Fix That Bike

Teck Kee Foodstuff was where we had our lunch. Great place for kuih and simple food like fried noodles and nasi lemak. In my opinion, they make a fantastic kuih koci. Soft, not too chewy with a generous portion of amazingly fragrant shredded coconut filling. And its always fun to dine there because its like eating in a time tunnel full of memorabilia from the old days. Next we walked over to the goldsmith's. Mum traded in some of her old stuff in exchange for something new. Amusing to see how the old ladies manning the shop appraise mum's old jewellery. When you buy, any pearl or stone would appear precious. When you sell, the pliers and hammers come out to crush them just to get at the more precious gold. Even KH bought a gold band. At mid-afternoon, we headed home. Tried to stay awake to accompany KH, but my eyelids were super heavy. Hehe. So happy and thankful that KH drove the entire journey. Makes up for all the times that I drive him around. XD. I'm very glad that he joined in that important family trip.


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Twilight Man said...

KH should have tossed coins! Dad might have gave a "Laughing" answer!

I saw the clock tower and I thought of that famous biscuit corner shop. Oh I miss my MP ex-boss too!

J-boy said...

haha you know lately I've been running into you a lot (2-3 times), I even saw KH with you haha.. but the anti-social-ness in me has prevented me from saying hi lol..

The last time was at Gardens, MV.. I was with Daniel and you walked right past us haha... The last time we met seems like ages ago, lunch at Hokaido I think.. We definitely need to catch up! :P

William said...

Haha. Good idea!
You're referring to the Butterfly brand?

I always encourage people to say "Hi!". Who is Daniel?
Yes, very long jor.

Jaded Jeremy said...

Did you relatives ask (or at least give that look) who SK and KH are to the tribe?

William said...

No wor

Derek said...

Think I got asked for your dad's blessing! ;-)