Thursday, March 19, 2015

Belated Birthday Singapore

Carrot Cake

What's nicer that a belated birthday dinner? A belated home-cooked dinner of course. Tater caught me on Monday evening, on the day I had arrived from KL. He was on leave and had the time to whip up his mum's chicken and rice casserole. Amazing that he has recipes that he kept since his university days. I've not cooked a proper meal in years. Tater sure can cook. It was delicious with a creamy wine sauce (not that kind of cream!). Chatted over dinner about his future career plans and his upcoming Antarctic Marathon (yes, his goal is to run a marathon in every continent and I can't even finish a half I suspect LOL). For dessert, he bought a carrot cake from Barcook Bakery (check out the cake and his ARMS). A rare way to celebrate ones birthday. Very sweet of him.

Hamburger Steak

Later in the week, Kidz rang me up for dinner. Surprised that he was able to make it for that time slot. Turns out he no longer works the graveyard shift. He treated me to a hamburger steak at Ma Maison, Bugis Junction. Finally got to eat at the 'proper' outlet (refer to the drama here). He might be pursuing a different career path that would see him travelling to Malaysia, but that's not a certainty yet. Continued with dessert at Danro, where we both ordered the Hokkaido red bean soup (So sweet! So authentic!). I added baked mochi and that kinda ended up like chakwe. Too crispy. So nice that my Singapore friends didn't forget my birthday. Muacks!

So Sweet! So Authentic!


Derek said...

Think you had a great many celebrations last year le! Muacks

William said...

:D. Best celebration was with you.