Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Silver Anniversary

Gu Zheng

All KL staff who were in Singapore flew home on Thursday to attend my company's annual dinner on Friday evening. This year, it was held at Setia Alam Convention Centre, a long drive away. Other than the usual makan-makan, it was to celebrate my company's 25th anniversary and the theme was "A Night in Old Shangai". Normally less than half of the attendees would dress to the theme and I am part of the less cooperative group. At least it was much easier than last year's costume party. The special thing about this year's dinner was the fact that KH and SK 'attended'. KH took time off and SK was on leave taking care of her granny after a fall had shook her nerves. At about 5:00 PM, she picked us up from the LRT station and we got there around 6:00 PM. Registration was much improved this year with the use of QR codes and our door gift was a selfie stick. The foyer was done up with all things old oriental and they even had a gu zheng performer. Strangely, I did not take any selfies with my colleagues, instead it was with KH and SK! And all three of us were in coordinated checkered shirts. Not quite old Shanghai. The enthusiastic came in qipaos, and one guy dressed like Patrick Tse from Shanghai Bund. As with all dinners, food would normally be served late. In my case, it was 100 minutes late. To appease my stomach. I joined SK and KH for dinner at Setia Palace where they ordered Peking duck and noodles. Like Maju Palace, it's halal, but with much less items on the menu. At 7:00 PM, KH and SK left for their movie, while I went to join my colleagues. All the VIPS arrived at 8:30 PM and dinner started ten minutes later. A big client from China attended which explains the theme. For entertainment, the management hired a wushu troupe and your usual live band (the shi da qu was ok, but I don't think Elvis doesn't quite fit the theme). There also a rojak entertainer group that sang, dance and performed magic shows. Even threw in a weird fashion show that up ended up like a bodybuilding event (I wasn't impressed). Food was average and we had two empty seats to boost the portion for us. No best dressed event this year, they replaced it with an IG selfie contest. As luck would have it, I did not win anything from the lucky draws, but several of my colleagues got a juicer, hotel stay and a 47" smart LED TV! Finished up around 11:00 PM where I met up KH and SK for our drive home.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Shake It Off, Shake It Off

Taylor Swift's song "Shake It Off" didn't quite hit get my attention until I watched the music video on YouTube one day. In one of the earlier scenes, she is seen with a troupe of modern dancers and one guy's beautiful ass caught my attention. So round, so perfect, so muscular. To prove my point, I follow up with some screen captures below. That actually made me go on a YouTube ass-hunting spree that got me acquainted with the Prince of Ballet, Roberto Bolle. Another amazing specimen of male beauty with dazzling derriere. 

Third guy from the right!

And coming up is the Italian ballet dancer, Roberto Bolle, the perfect specimen of an athletic and lithe musculature. And of course great piece of ass. Guess I should dance, Hahahahaha.

Prince Charming is out

That ass!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Food Porn Singapore & Singapore Celebrities

Squid Ink Pasta

Gosh, I wrote this Singapore post based on sketchy memory and some random pics I took with my phone. Tater invited me to dinner at Platypus Kitchen, Bugis Junction as he had a hankering for pasta that evening. I had the squid ink pasta that night and for dessert, a slice of cake topped with pop rocks! As much fun as eating dick! And our waiter (Platypus Pete) was such a cutie with a turn cap! Those adorable single eyelids! And those arms! Argh. Definitely a better dessert than the cake.

Pop Rocks Cake

On my way back to the hotel, I was hot on the heels of a twink (Running Ron) who had just finished his evening run from the looks of things. Tried to get a good shot of him, but he was too fast and it was too dark. Here's a Blair Witch Project Spycam edition!

Other food escapades were found at Amoy Food Centre, e.g. fluffy curry puff, proper non-Singapore style wantan noodles and Teochew kueh! Too bad Teochew kueh's glutinous rice filling was way too peppery. And of course boys in tight office wear that SimonLover loves so much.


Charsiew Wantan Noodles

Teochew Kueh

Then there was Rakuichi at Far East Shopping Centre. Amazing that such an old building still exists on Orchard Road. The interior has a very retro feel to it. Tried some sashimi, kushiyaki and rolled sushi. My brother's treat. Hehe. Would have gone for some sake too if not for my sore throat.

Rakuichi Roll


On Saturday morning, I explored the streets around Masjid Sultan (I should go in one of these days). Lots of old buildings and I even tagged along a group that were on a heritage walk. They were too slow and it got too hot, so we parted ways. So much charm left in the Kampung Glam area. Hope it would be preserved and continue to be hipster.

To Masjid Sultan



Window Prayers

Shopping Cart Fun

Waiting in the Old Days

Shopping for Cloth

On my way back from Sunday mass, I stopped by a food centre to get a pack of soya sauce chicken rice and a Koi Oolong Macchiato (cutter, not straw please). Weird that the seller used Cantonese with the customer in front of me, but ignore me when I used the same. Anyway, enjoyed my meal back in the hotel, savouring each bite, each sip.

Koi & Soya

Then there was Five Bistro with MoonlightPiggy at Maxwell Chambers. A rare choice of Vietnamese for lunch. Broken rice with a pork chop. The place was quite deserted, but thankfully the food wasn't horrible. As usual, she did the bitching and I gave her my thoughts. LOL.

Broken Rice & Pork Chop

Phew! That was a lot of meals. I'm done. :D.

Monday, March 23, 2015

KH Meets Dad

The Rebecca

Arranged my work trips so that I would be home on the first week of November. The main reason for that was my family's annual for All Souls' Day trip to Teluk Intan. All Saints' Day falls on the 1st of November while All Souls' Day is a day after that. Both important dates were on the weekend so it was easier to plan. On Saturday, we attended the obligatory mass in KL. In the afternoon, KH, SK and I met up at Owls Cafe in Bukit Jalil. Immediately fell in love with their waffles although I'm not a waffle person. Light and fluffy and the crown jewel of Earl Grey ice cream really made it a winner. Unfortunately, I wasn't fond of their coffee. KH tried their rose coffee, but it just reminded me of kopi sirap ros. Also tried a slice of black sesame cheese cake. Interesting fusion. But if not for the waffles, do go there for the unique owl-themed decorations and abundance of natural lighting makes it a great place for photography.

Black Sesame Cheesecake

Rose Latte

Behind the Counter

All Souls' Day 2014 was special because SK and KH also accompanied us. Both of them had not been in that neck of the woods before. And it was a good excuse to give KH's new Honda Civic an outstation run. My sister dictated that we should leave KL at 6:00 AM, so I had to wake up at 5:00 AM. T_T. We went in separate cars, with SK and I in KH's car. We left at the same time, but BIL arrived half an hour ahead of us. Guess the wrong turn that we made and the light foot that KH had on the gas pedal cost us some time. Not that we took a long coffee / toilet break at the R&R. Met up with The Tribe, mum and bro at Jalan Maharani, where we would usually have breakfast and buy the famous Teluk Intan CCF. They were early enough to get the last packet of yummy nasi kunyit with charsiew and sambal prawn (sold out by 8:30 AM). The whole table was a buffet of dim sum, CCF and wantan noodles.

Yellow, Sticky, Spicy

Pan Mee

Seperti biasa, we would then get some flowers from the nearby wet market then make our way to St. Anthony Christian Cemetery along Jalan Sekolah. For the first time, KH came 'face to face' with my father. Not sure if in his heart he was saying "Hi uncle, I love your son very much. Would you entrust him to me?". He helped me to weed the perimeters of the grave and clean up. We then lit candles and prayed the Rosary. Wrapped things up at the cemetery and went over to Sin Joo Heong Confectionery to buy biscuits and other buah tangan. It was also the perfect opportunity to visit my aunt and cousin. Had a long chat and camwhore session with them. Went back into town after that and we purposely made a stop at the famous leaning clock tower. Not something we usually do, but mandatory with tourists. Quickly took a few shots and jumped back into the car to avoid melting in the sun.

Menara Condong

Fix That Bike

Teck Kee Foodstuff was where we had our lunch. Great place for kuih and simple food like fried noodles and nasi lemak. In my opinion, they make a fantastic kuih koci. Soft, not too chewy with a generous portion of amazingly fragrant shredded coconut filling. And its always fun to dine there because its like eating in a time tunnel full of memorabilia from the old days. Next we walked over to the goldsmith's. Mum traded in some of her old stuff in exchange for something new. Amusing to see how the old ladies manning the shop appraise mum's old jewellery. When you buy, any pearl or stone would appear precious. When you sell, the pliers and hammers come out to crush them just to get at the more precious gold. Even KH bought a gold band. At mid-afternoon, we headed home. Tried to stay awake to accompany KH, but my eyelids were super heavy. Hehe. So happy and thankful that KH drove the entire journey. Makes up for all the times that I drive him around. XD. I'm very glad that he joined in that important family trip.


Cards & Mahjong

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Belated Birthday Singapore

Carrot Cake

What's nicer that a belated birthday dinner? A belated home-cooked dinner of course. Tater caught me on Monday evening, on the day I had arrived from KL. He was on leave and had the time to whip up his mum's chicken and rice casserole. Amazing that he has recipes that he kept since his university days. I've not cooked a proper meal in years. Tater sure can cook. It was delicious with a creamy wine sauce (not that kind of cream!). Chatted over dinner about his future career plans and his upcoming Antarctic Marathon (yes, his goal is to run a marathon in every continent and I can't even finish a half I suspect LOL). For dessert, he bought a carrot cake from Barcook Bakery (check out the cake and his ARMS). A rare way to celebrate ones birthday. Very sweet of him.

Hamburger Steak

Later in the week, Kidz rang me up for dinner. Surprised that he was able to make it for that time slot. Turns out he no longer works the graveyard shift. He treated me to a hamburger steak at Ma Maison, Bugis Junction. Finally got to eat at the 'proper' outlet (refer to the drama here). He might be pursuing a different career path that would see him travelling to Malaysia, but that's not a certainty yet. Continued with dessert at Danro, where we both ordered the Hokkaido red bean soup (So sweet! So authentic!). I added baked mochi and that kinda ended up like chakwe. Too crispy. So nice that my Singapore friends didn't forget my birthday. Muacks!

So Sweet! So Authentic!

Monday, March 16, 2015

KLIA2 Celebrities: Four-eyed Fred

Time to revive my flagging readership with some eye candy. Caught sight of Four-eyed Fred at KLIA2 while I was lining up at the AirAsia counter. Couldn't find the Premium Flex counter at its usual location, so I thought that they had done away with it. And the ground staff didn't tell me that it had moved to X, just told me to join the long queue. Thank goodness it only took me thirty minutes and I had plenty of time to spare. And of course that delay gave me the opportunity to photograph our specky specimen of Korean descent. Look at those thick lips. Sign of a high sex drive! The reason I only got his head (not dick head) was because he was queuing directly behind me. Not easy to take a shot while I'm facing the other side. Kinda happy with the results. Too bad I couldn't photograph his hunkier friend. Annyeonghaseyo!

Friday, March 13, 2015


Curry Noodles

KH had registered for the PUMA night run, but at the last minute, he decided to pull out due to 'health' reasons. But that did not stop him from collecting the race pack at Setia City Mall. He asked me to accompany him and so I was his navigator. Was a bit confused about the venue at first as the organizers used the name Setia Alam Mall. That definitely didn't come up in Waze. Couldn't even get this detail right in their official correspondence. Gosh. Anyway, half an hour and MYR7+ of toll later, we arrived at the place. Virgin trip there actually. Impressed with the mall. Looks above average with a good mixture of brands and plenty of food choices. The collection counter was actually at Setia Alam Convention Centre, just within walking distance of the mall.

Female Collection

Settled that in no time flat. Quite amused by their "Male Collection" and "Female Collection" signs. If I knew there was a "Male Collection", I would have registered too. Our next target was lunch. Strangely, KH decided on vegetarian that day. He ordered the leicha from Simple Life. I nibbled on some of that cause I had ate a popiah and curry noodles earlier. Kenyang!



Bumped into Pidut and a friend (tangkap basah) of his who was also there to collect the race pack. Remembering that The Chief and Janvier lived nearby, we called them out for coffee at Infusion. Not a bad place for coffee especially if you're a Maxis customer (B1F1). And they make a cute affogatto. Loitered until 3:00 PM and near a move. On my way out, caught sight of half price Halloween stuff. Bought Big Monster the Jack o' Lantern basket that he wanted and a Jack o' Lantern medallion for Little Monster. So cheap, with flashing lights and evil laughs. My sister went nuts because they played with it from evening till midnight. The battery went flat in just two days.


Ice Cream on Coffee

Laughing Jack O' Lantern from William Ng on Vimeo.

The next day was my usual church Sunday. Went to One Utama again because the nice people at Parkson forgot to remove the security tag from the pair of pants that she bought. No wonder the alarm went off the other day. I even offered for the guard to check my carriers, but he declined. And so we had to make the second trip to get it off. Blegh. Lunch was at Kura and that cheered me up a bit.

Zensai Zanmai

Nigiri Sushi

In the afternoon, I packed for my trip back to Singapore and in the evening had a Yuzu liquor session with mum. Think the combination of alcohol and Japanese snacks gave a sore throat the next day, or perhaps I'm just allergic to business trips. Sedihz.


Nibbly Crabs