Sunday, February 22, 2015

Lapse I

Stir-fried Spaghetti

There seems to be a lapse in my note-taking. Comparing my notes and pictures, there seems to be a gap of a couple of weeks that I did not write about. Gosh. And you know how bad my memory is. Worse of all, I'm a bit anal about skipping those events! So I'll just give a short write up based on the pics. Wakakaka. For brekafast, I had a plate of stir-fried spaghetti. No idea where though cause the photos geo-location refused to load on Picasa. Doesn't matter I guess because I remember that it wasn't very good. A tad on the sweet and oily side. But the presentation's very interesting. How often does one see pasta on a banana leaf?

Where's the rest?

For lunch, SK, KH, Apollo and I ventured to Jalan Telawi. Tried a brunch place called Yeast Boulangerie. Had to wait to be seated and I must say that it wasn't really worth the wait. Taste and looks so-so jer. Tapi memang ada angmoh kerja sana.

3 Eyes

For tea, we tried out Doors Cafe at Taman OUG. Found at one of the lesser known roads, it wasn't very crowded. True to its name, the ID hinged on wooden doors (pardon the pun). Even the order numbers were attached with door hinges. In addition to the doors, they had some crazy murals going on. Some fluffy-headed three-eyed characters with a penchant for hats. No idea what that has to do with doors. Coffee was decent, and the non-halal Guinness cake did have a kick to it. Even the tea was non-halal, supplied by LOL. Bad joke. Until the next gap in my memory.

A Slice of Guinness


Happy walker said...

yummies, makan makan ah~

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Twilight Man said...

You are always venturing into unknown exotic places! Nice hands you have. What brand is your hand cream?

William said...

LOL, hardly exotic