Thursday, January 29, 2015

Morning Shower, Baby Shower

Early Mee Suah Lunch

On the Saturday that I was back from Singapore, it was raining very heavily. The sound of the sheets of rain pommeling the roof tiles outside my window actually woke me up. Opened one eye, buried myself deeper into my sheets and continued to sleep. But not long after, my alarm sounded and I needed to get ready to go out to the market. Luckily by 8:00 am, the heavy rain had let up and slowed to a drizzle. Due to the early downpour, the usual crowd at the market was missing. Some stalls were not even open, fearing that the rain might spoil their wares. That made our job easier with no crowds to navigate around. Got what we needed and proceeded to breakfast and got home a ittle earlier than usual. We were scheduled to collect the Allianz Pacer Runfie (so unlike me right?) race pack in the afternoon, so mum made an early lunch of soupy rice vermicelli was fish slices, chicken and fried egg. Totally delicious.

Shrimp Tapas

Went out, picked SK and KH to Mont Kiara. So funny that during the online registration, they asked us to fill up the size of the T that we wanted. But when we arrived, they only had M and L left. However, that wasn't a problem because the cutting was different from what was expected. Once we had settled that, we went to The Barn @ 1MK (so icky that they decided to make their logo look like the 1Malaysia logo, so takde class) as KH and SK had not eaten. They shared some pasta, tapas and salad. Food wasn't bad, but the chorizo was a little too salty. Their service was quite commendable too. Many tips on Foursquare praise it as a place for drinks, not food. When SK paid the bill, she finally found out that her HSBC Amanah credit card can't be used at non-halal joints. We laughed like crazy.


Went over to Solaris Mont Kiara after that for some grocery shopping at the BigDeal event. KH bought pre-mix coffee and ramyun. The coffee people actually got us to give 'fake testimony' on FB just to get some free sachets of coffee. X_X. Before leaving, we scoped out Village Grocer. Bumped into a friend of mum's who was working as a promoter for air-flown Japanase produce. She immediately cut up an MYR24 golden peach for us and a bunch of MYR100 per 100gm grapes. Sedapnya... For my brewed coffee fix, I got it at Cafe Berlin with a couple of French-quality croissants. Expensive but quite good.

In the evening, mum, The Tribe and I drove over to Sungai Long as my cousin sister was having a baby shower there. Couldn't recognize her at first due to all the weight she gained! And also shocked that the she stays with her in-laws with her husband's two other brothers AND their families. All cramped in an intermediate unit terrace house. The chaos with all those kids! Food was catered (below average) but my aunt prepared some signature dishes such as rice wine chicken and vinegar pork trotters. Heavenly. Little Monster was not thrilled when my sister that she would carry the baby home. LOL. Phew, the end of another long day!

Fullmoon Eggs


Jaded Jeremy said...

"When SK paid the bill, she finally found out that her HSBC Amanah credit card can't be used at non-halal joints."

Whaaaat??? Malaysia is getting worse each year. So sad.

William said...

Yay for syariah compliance!

Happy walker said...

expensive woh~

(A Growing Teenager Diary Malaysia)

Twilight Man said...

Gosh! First time I hear about the taboos of the credit card.

William said...

At S'pore, semua mahal

Only in Malaysia