Thursday, December 18, 2014

GCA XI: Granville Island & Metrotown

Looking Out

Truth be told, our schedule for the second part in Vancouver was a bit fluid. Based on a recommendation from our hosts, we visited Granville Island. Took a bus (she even taught us how to cheat! But we didn't do that. Actually wantend to buy the tickets on the bus, but since we didn't have any coins, the bus driver just gave them to us FOC!) and subsequently went by foot. Nearly went the wrong way as the signage was quite bad. Doubled back from on top the bridge and walked under it instead. Along the way, we asked directions from a woman who was luckily going the same way. Started off at Net Loft, a place where the local art writers from Emily Carr University sold their wares. Most of the shops weren't open, so we had a simple breakfast at Net Loft Cafe first. Wandered in Net Loft and then the Public Market. Fantastic selections of fresh produce, arts and craft. Interesting to note that all the fruit sellers spoke Cantonese. Then went to RIP and the Kids Market.

Exploring the Public Market

Is Chocolate Better Than Sex?

Sausages Galore


Cured Meat

Silo Art

Sockeye Salmon

Farmer's Market

Under The Flyover

The Crystal Ark


Covered quite a huge area. Stopped to catch our breath at Tony's, a popular fish and chips joint. Tried the halibut, some scallop and the white clam chowder. And the waitress was perplexed at our choice of fries as side dishes for both the mains. Potato poisoning.

White Clam Chowder

Scallops & Halibut

In the evening, we went to Metrotown to meet up Kenji and his di, George. While waiting for them to turn up, KH did some luggage shopping at Sears (took him ages to finally decide on a Delsey). That bag really came in handy because we had a lot more to bring home (bought six pairs of bras for SK from Victoria's Secret). George was a tall, lanky fella with interesting facial features (thanks to his mixed parentage) and a perky ass. He shook my hand then turned to Kenji to ask, "Is he your ex?". Haha. We had steak for dinner that night at The Keg. We were given an outdoor table but that didn't work too well cause it was a little cold (there was a heater above me thank goodness) and Kenji was a little concerned about the 'bombs' from ravens flying back to their nests. I shared a prime rib with KH, while Kenji had a hankering for lobster. George was famished having just a granola bar since lunch, so he ordered the rib steak that was approximately 16oz of beef! Everyone was in the mood for alcohol so we had mojitos, slushy bellinis and whisky sours all around. Had a nice round of conversation with George (he's a traffic engineer by the way), but towards the end, he started to slur-- drunk on steak from the looks of it. LOL. Kenji then sent us home...


Twilight Man said...

I love their pillar wraps! Here we wrap pillars with ads and collect money.

William said...

Those are actually cement silos that were painted by a Brazilian artist

Anonymous said...

Bts?... Hmm

Jaded Jeremy said...

Oh, I supposed KH researched first before settling on Delsey? My top choice is Briggs & Riley but can't get it here in Msia. So settled on 2nd choice i.e. Travelpro.

William said...

No research