Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Osaka Celebrities: Osaka Olaf & Gu Grant

Osaka Olaf

While going through Picasa, I realized some stragglers in my spycam folder from my Osaka Trip last July. Might as well post them before the year is out. The first guy is Osaka Olaf. I was standing right in front of him, so I could not get his whole face. Such a waste. Anyway, I love his scruffy, manly look. Works great for him. Oozing testosterone unlike your usual Japanese dandies and twinks. Definitely no squealing like a school girl in the bedroom here. Like his arms too. Yummy.

GU Grant

GU Grant above works as a cashier at GU Shinsaibashisuji. Not only are their clothes cheap and stylish, they have cute-sy staff too. This guy  rocks the lanky nerd look. And his lips look super kissable too. Can imagine moans escaping those lips while one licks his nips!



Hdaran said...

There's definitely something about facial hair on Asian men. Woof! Try Google'ing' Brad Virata and Yul Kwon, both from Survivor Cook Islands.

Anonymous said...

ooohhh...Gu Grant!!! oh yes!! so yummy! Osaka Olaf not my type, he ain't bottomish.

William said...

Survivor creates scruffy men?

You can turn him into your bottom