Friday, October 03, 2014

A Birthday Bunny


As usual, Saturday morning was spent at the OUG wet market. Mum bought some ciku that day, my least favourite fruit (such a vile fruit! Icky taste and texture!). Ate my favourite soup noodles, but topped up with some curry chicken feet this time. Later in the afternoon, mum suddenly arranged to get her hair permed at Taman Salak Selatan. The address was just "Flat 6 Tingkat" with no road name. Yikes. At noon, I drove her out to find the place, cause I had to attend Bunny's birthday celebration later in the evening. Was very surprised by how many low cost flats there are in the area. All decaying and dingy. Couldn't find it at first until a call to the stylist revealed that it was behind a building called "Flat 12 Tingkat". Cute right? Anyway, the mystery was solved cause that's the tallest building in the area and could be easily spotted. We went to lunch after that at New Restaurant Ipoh Chicken Rice. Saw a cutie in a tank top that was cut to his waist at the side, revealing a smooth, meaty torso. Wanted to take pictures, but I had no excuse to be standing around his table! Sigh. Ordered up some Hainanese chicken rice and was surprised that mum went for a side of meatballs and fishballs. So unlike her.

Spicy & Clear

Hainanese Chicken

Meatballs & Fishballs

Every year, Bunny or JJ's birthday would be celebrated at Sushi Tei due to the fact that Bunny likes their soba. No exception this year when we received the invitation via e-mail. However, it was later revealed that Sushi Tei had discontinued that item, so were perplexed as to why we were still going to Sushi Tei (KH, SK & I don't really like the restaurant). Appealed to JJ and Bunny to have it at Senyu Sushi, Bangsar Village II and thank goodness we succeeded! And the birthday dinner turned out to be a huge party of surprise guests. At the very last minute, Lifebook appeared with a 'friend'. And Apollo came with three others. With the restaurant's rigid seating rules and full booking that night, we nearly couldn't secure the extra tables. In the end, we sat at two different tables. Normally JJ doesn't take well to strangers at his gatherings, but this time, he seemed OK. Ordered a little too much that night, took us a while to finish. Not wanting to leave so early, we adjourned to Starbucks. Truthfully, we just wanted to set up an interrogation for Lifebook's friend. Used the pincer strategy where we seated him in the middle of group and positioned two of our best interrogators on both sides. Hahaha. Ended the night with a big group photography session. Been a while...

On Ice


Twilight Man said...

Life book is so secretive! I wanna interrogate his friend too.

Jaded Jeremy said...

Melaka has an old 9-storey flat at Jalan Bendahara that was just known as "kau lau" in Hokkien, which translated to 9-storey :)

I'm fine with meeting new people but I don't like "surprise" guests (i.e. last minute inclusion).

William said...

LOL. He complained that I revealed this.

Those people were last minute inclusions. I wasn't aware until dinner time. :P

TZ said...

Happy belated birthday.

Twilight Man said...

I love your posts always. No stones left unturned! Thanks to you, much appreciated. To the hell with him on this and hope he reads this too. Muahahahaha

William said...

You aren't late. Thanks.

Janganlah gaduh lol