Monday, August 25, 2014


Vancouver - 31 Jan 14 - East False Creek Sunrise

Hi guys and gals. KH is flying to Vancouver today for his Society of Actuaries’ Fellowship Admissions Course today and I'm tagging along. All his years of hard work had finally paid of. Although it sounds like my ticket to Tai-Tai-hood, I'm not quite there yet. Anyway, we'll be in Canada for a fortnight, so this blog might grow some cobwebs in that time. Wish us a pleasant journey and hope that I can get lots of spy pics of Canadian cuties! See ya!


Derek said...

Here's hoping everything goes smoothly in Vancouver!

Anonymous said...

Congrats Kh.....

Anonymous said...

Just a wacky suggestion, ever thought of tying the knot over there :D
~ Huang

Ash Godiva said...

may both of your journey went smoother than thy ky lube,hahaha

looking forward for the souvenirs,i mean the pictures.

-2nd Ash-

Happy walker said...

looks great, wish you the best!

(A Growing Teenager Diary Malaysia)

Jaded Jeremy said...

2 weeks? Wahhhh panjang-nya. Hey, Canada recognises same-sex marriage. Maybe can get married there?

Congrats to KH! Kudos to him for working hard to get it. He's zee smartz :)

Twilight Man said...

Happy Merdeka to you and family!
Have a safe trip and enjoy!

William said...

Me too. Muacks.

KH thanks you

KH did plan something, but we didn't go through with it.

William said...

People here seem to favour silicone lube


Many younger people in his group lol

Thanks, You too!

Tempus said...

a fortnight?! Envy-I-N-G

It must have been a long way for him; and he's lucky to have you around!

And yes, work harder on the snappy business.

William said...

I'm nearly home :D