Friday, August 15, 2014

Random Eats

Fish Head Bihun

Lo and behold, I did not have lunch at Paradigm Mall on Sunday after church. While mum was buying nombor ekor, I fired up Foursquare to look for some good eats nearby. B & Best Restaurant at Taman Rasa Sayang came out tops. Wondering where Tamana Rasa Sayang is? Better fire up Waze. So hidden in my opinion. Got there easily enough and there was ample parking. However, finding a table during lunch time was another matter. Full house! And the plaze was abuzz with activity. Seems that seafood is their specialty with all sorts of fresh, imported items. Mum and went for the basics first to gauge their skill. I ordered the dry seafood noodles while mum tried out their fish head noodles. I ordered the dry noodles because I noticed that was what the majority was eating, and for good reason. So much pork lard in there! Was nice at first, but got geli towards the end when the noodles got cold. The soup was full of grouper fish slices fishballs, fresh oysters and seaweed. I didn't like the soup as the taste was too overpoweringly sweet and salty at the same time. But the fishballs are definitely worth a mention. So springy! Amazing texture. Could practically bounce around in your bowl! Not quite "God of Cookery" standard, but good enough. On the other hand, the fish head noodles were much better. Plenty of meat in clear soup. Loved it. And their sambal is quite good. Each bowl cost MYR14. Quite steep hor? Another favourite seemed to be the fried beancurd skin with fish paste. A whopping MYR11.50 for just three pieces.

Seafood Noodles


Didn't loiter at the malls that day. Went straight home. Later in the evening, I made myself a cup of coffee and poured in a packet of Oat BG 22 cereal. Can't believe that they made the oat powder into cute-sy hearts. Chewy stuff. MaisonSK organized dinner again. Invited my sister and Big Monster along too. Little Monster was kidnapped by his dad and was whisked away for a day trip to Melaka. SK demonstrated her skills on the ukelele or to be exact, the lack of it. LOL. Still a long way to go...



Anonymous said...

Typo... Lol...

Happy walker said...

well, it looks tasty to me~ hehe

Hdaran said...

How is the taste like relative to oats in their grain form? I am beginning to consume lots of oats and it would be awesome to be able to mix things up?

thompsonboy said...

This place is popular lar, fried fish cake is the best

Twilight Man said...

Taman Rasa Sayang is at SS4. Correct?

William said...


A bit chewy. Taste is OK.


Not familiar with the area actually