Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Red Letter Day


Tuesday was Wesak, so SK arranged for a breakfast gathering at Coffee Factor, Setiawalk. Just as I was gonna drive out, I received a call from SK. She was having a serious nose bleed again! Jeng jeng jeng. Told her to call her doctor. Off I went to tapau breakfast for her granny and Apollo's mum. Upon arrival at her apartment, I saw her with two packs of ice on her face and a large towel over her mouth. When she removed the towel, her whole chin was dripping with blood. Whoah! Immediately rushed her to the Pantai Hospital A&E where her doctor was already waiting.

SK: Doc! I wanted to go out to eat breakfast, then this happened!

Doc: I wanted to go eat breakfast too, then you called!

First thing he did was irrigate her nasal cavity with loads of saline solution. Sooooo much blood. Then he gave her a shot to stop the bleeding. Fearing a repeat, the doctor warded her for observation. Couldn't really think where else to go for food, so mum and I followed the original plan of Setiawalk. Didn't realize that there was a Grand Shanghai Cood Court there. The whole place was done up like old Shanghai. All the shops followed an oriental old school theme, but some went way off by doing things like in ancient wuxia flicks. Stroll the streets and you'll see old cars, bicycles and trishaws. Plenty of faux vintage posters plastered on fake brick walls. But there's a sesat London phone booth thrown into the mix too. LOL. Mum and I walked two rounds but still couldn't decide on what to eat. Simply chose a restaurant that looked more like a Kung Fu guild. Mediocre food. Opposite was a BKT shop with the name of the beggar king from a famous wuxia novel. Never knew that Hong Qigong was a Bangladeshi.


Faux Night


Faux Shanghai

Walked over to Coffee Factory for drinks. Did not look like a factory of any sort with its Parisian set up and astro turf. It came highly-recommended by Gratitude. And I was told that the owner is cute. Not my cup of coffee, but I did like his latte. Went well with the chocolate mousse, but the sponge cake layer was a bit soggy! Think it absorbed too much condensation from the chiller! Wonder how many days it had been in there. Walked around Setiawalk after that, but there wasn't anything of interest there. Quickly escaped the heat and went home...


Chocolate Mousse

Pray for Us


Twilight Man said...

I love that place! It doesn't look like China but Taiwan.

Ash Godiva said...

the grand shanghai food court have nice background....to do cosplay of pugilistXD

William said...

Supposed to be Shanghai LOL

Why pugilist?

Happy walker said...

so enjoy~~~ I wish to go too~